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One Word Substitution – Day 1

  From today we will give daily 10 One Word Substitutions so that you have 300+ words before you go for the paper. Try to Learn them on daily basis.   1. A place where animals used for food are slaughtered – Abattoir 2. To give up a throne voluntarily – Abdicate 3. Original …

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English Vocabulary – Daily Digest , Day Two

1. Deprecate: verb – to express strong disapproval of; deplore; abhor; frown on; detest; despise antonym – praise, overrate 2. Bewildered: ajdective – perplexed by many conflicting situations of statements; confused, baffled, confounded Bewilder: verb – to cause to be confused emotionally antonym –  bemuse 3. Foray: verb – to …

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