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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Eighteen

English vocabulary   Lethal adjective – of an instrument of certain death Synonym – fatal, deadly   Foist off: verb – to sell as genuine, sell with the intention of deceive Synonym – sell, palm off, fob off Foist verb – to force onto another Synonym – enclose, impose, inflict, …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Seventeen

English vocabulary 1. Vicarious adjective – experienced at second hand Synonym – exchangeable, secondary 2. Enormity noun – vastness of size or extent Synonym – outrageousness, atrocity, immensity, vileness 3. Stringent adjective – demanding strict attention to rules and procedures Synonym – rigorous, tight, demanding 4. Perpetrate verb – to …

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SSC CPO SI 2015 Result Declared

Result of SSC CPO SI 2015 has been declared by SSC today with category wise Cutoff . Below are the links of the result:- Desktop Links : Male_Cutoff Male_Result Female_Cutoff Female_Result   Mobile Links : Male_Cutoff Male_Result Female_Cutoff Female_Result

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Sixteen

English vocabulary 1. Partisan adjective – devoted to a cause or party Synonym – denominational, tendencious noun – an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity Synonym – zealot, exponent, proponent, protagonist 2. Interim adjective – serving during an intermediate interval of time Synonym – impermanent, temporary 3. …

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Circles Practice Questions (Geometry)

  As we know most of the books focuses on Arithmetic Chapters, very less books available on Advanced Mathematics Chapters. Hence, Aspirants need to purchase various books to cover each chapter thoroughly. SSCtube can help those aspirants by providing some practice questions on Advance Mathematics chapters. In this series first …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Fifteen

English vocabulary Guile noun – shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception Synonym – craft, cunning, slyness   Gourmet noun – a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (esp. for food & drink) Synonym – Epicure, Gastronome, Bon Vivant   Ambivalent adjective – uncertain or unable to decide about …

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