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One Word Substitution – Day Two

  Please note that many words shared by us have come in previous years of SSC CGL and other words in the list are included on the same pattern . So there are high chances that you directly get questions based on words shared here.   Today’s ten words    …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Six

English vocabulary   1. Outbreak: noun – A sudden breaking out; occurrence; eruption; An insurrection. synonym –  Brawl; Commotion; Ebullition; Epidemic; Tumult; Turbulence; Turmoil; Riot; Bustle. antonym –  Conclusion; Finale; End.   2. Reconcile: verb – To cause to accept; Cause to become amicable; To make peace, adjust. synonym –  Accord; Accustom; Bury the …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Five

English vocabulary 1. Discomfiture: noun – anxious embarrassment; frustration; disconcertion; abashment; descent; vanquishment. antonym –  surrender; rout. 2. Partisan: adjective – devoted to a cause or party noun – an ardent & enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity synonym –  adherent; guerrilla; bigot; cliquish. antonym –  disinterested 3. Emolument: noun – …

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One Word Substitution – Day 1

  From today we will give daily 10 One Word Substitutions so that you have 300+ words before you go for the paper. Try to Learn them on daily basis.   1. A place where animals used for food are slaughtered – Abattoir 2. To give up a throne voluntarily – Abdicate 3. Original …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Four

English vocabulary 1.       Beguile: verb – to attract (cause to be enamored); influence by slyness; charm or enchant someone in a deceptive way; synonym –  Deceive; Delude; Swindle; Captivate; Entrance; Enamor; bewitch; Coax; decoy; enthrall; intrigue; counterfeit. antonym – repel; unappealing;  Repulse. 2.       Belittle: verb – To lessen the authority, dignity or …

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