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Download Free Study material for SSC, IBPS, Railways prepared by Experts. This free study material contains notes, questions, mocks and various important PDF. You can download these PDF and start preparing for the exams. 

SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases Booster Day-19

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases 1.To take someone for a ride- to cheat somebody(धोका देना ) move heaven and earth-to do everything you possibly(आकाश पाताल एक कर देना ) smell a rat – to suspect tat something wrong(दाल में  काला लगना ) 4.a bolt …

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Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper(07-10-2017)

Section 66A once more   After the Supreme Court struck down the draconian and arbitrary Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, an expert committee appointed by the government has proposed legislation to meet the challenge of hate speech online, by amending the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Indian Penal Code …

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Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper(06-10-2017)

Denial is no option   Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought to project the GDP growth slump to 5.7 per cent during April-June as a one-quarter phenomenon. He projected critics of his government’s economic management as Cassandras spreading pessimism and despair. The fact is, however, that India has been experiencing a growth slowdown …

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SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases Booster Day-18

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases stand on his feet-to be independent(आत्मनिर्भर होना ) 2.a bone of contention-a subject of dispute(विवाद का विषय ) 3.turned a deaf ear-paid no heed(सुनी अनसुनी कर  देना ) take to heart-to grieve over(दिल से लगना ) 5.yeoman’s service-excellent work(उत्क्रष्ट …

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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 18

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring #SSC_CGL_One_Word_Booster. 1.To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings-Introspection(आत्मनिरीक्षण) 2.Custom of having many wives-Polygamy(बहुविवाह) 3.To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for battle-Disperse(फैलाने) 4.Anything written in a letter after it is signed-Postscript(परिशिष्ट भाग) 5.The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence-Imperialism(साम्राज्यवाद) 6.The custom of having more …

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SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases Booster Day-17

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases 1.To wrangle over an ass’s shadow.- To quarrel over trifles 2.Hobson’s choice-Accept or leave the offer(ऑफ़र स्वीकार या छोड़ देना) 3.To fly off the handle-To lose one’s temper(आपा खो देना ) 4.To keep the ball rolling -To keep the conversation going(बातचीत जारी …

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Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper(05-10-2017)

Kerala diversion   The theme of the BJP’s fortnight-long padyatra in Kerala, inaugurated by party chief Amit Shah in Payannur, Kannur on Tuesday, is “Jihad-Red terror”. This deliberate hyphenation of the Marxist Left with Islamist terror is misleading and polarising. It is understandable that the BJP wants to target the …

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States Festivals

#Share_It Andhra Pradesh – Ugadi Arunachal Pradesh-Losar Bihar – Chhath Puja Chattisgarh – Maghi Purnima goa-Shigmo mel Haryana-Gugga Naumi Himachal Pradesh-Gochi Festival Jammi and Kashmir-Bahu Mela Jharkhand-Karam Festival Madhya Pradesh-Lokrang Festival Manipur-Yaoshang Meghalaya-Khasis Mizoram-Chapchar Kut Festival Nagaland-Sekrenyi Odisha-Dola Yatra Punjab-Band Chhor Divas Rajasthan-Gangaur Festival Sikkim-Losar Tamil Nadu-Pongal Telangana-Bathukamma Tripura-Bharchi Puja …

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