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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Twenty

The vocab shared by us comes from different Sources . Previous year Papers, last year topper’s notes and commonly used words from newspaper are among the major source of information for this section. We have tried our best to accommodate the most important words so that candidates need not waste …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Nineteen

English vocabulary 1. Deplorable adjective – bad, unfortunate Synonym – lamentable, wretched, condemnable, vicious, reprehensible 2. Whisk verb – to move somewhere quickly Synonym – Whip, beat, locomote, scramble 3. Preeminent adjective – greatest in importance or degree/significance/achievement Synonym – leading 4. Bequeth verb – leave or give by will …

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SSCtube Edge: Tip 1 for SSC CGL Aspirants

Tip of the Day: On request of our followers, we have decided to help you with an SSCtube Edge over others. As a part of it, we have compiled a list of small yet significant tips from previous toppers that shall help you to excel the competition. You might be knowing …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Eighteen

English vocabulary   Lethal adjective – of an instrument of certain death Synonym – fatal, deadly   Foist off: verb – to sell as genuine, sell with the intention of deceive Synonym – sell, palm off, fob off Foist verb – to force onto another Synonym – enclose, impose, inflict, …

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Mock Test 1 Rank List

  Till now only 163 candidates have shared their Mock Test 1 score with us. Considering our user base and no of Aspirants for Tier 1 Exam, this response is very weak. SSCTUBE can serve you better if you help it to do that. We are among the first who …

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