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All about Digital India

*For SSC CGL 2014 Interviews – An Important topic to read. What is Digital India? Digital India is a Programme to prepare India for a knowledge future. The focus is on being transformative – to realize IT + IT = IT The focus is on making technology central to enabling …

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All About Divisional Accountant in CAG

Divisional Accountant in CAG Job Code – Q Grade Pay – 4200 X Cat. Cities – 33082 Y Cat. Cities – 30028 Z Cat. Cities – 28678 Vacancies in 2014 – 400 Introduction Divisional Accountant in CAG is a post which comes under Comptroller and Auditor General of India i.e. …

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SSC CGL 2013 Interview Analysis

  SSCTUBE Analysis of CGL 2013 Interviews Total Interviewed Candidates – 10288 Average Marks is 52.64, rounding off makes it to 53 candidates having Marks >= 90 are 0 or 0% candidates having Marks >= 80 are 2 or 0.02% candidates having Marks >= 70 are 470 or 4.60% candidates …

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Everything about Income Tax Inspector (4600 GP)

INCOME TAX INSPECTOR (ITI) Job Code: J Grade Pay: 4600 Salary in X city: Rs.42000           Salary in Y city: Rs.38000 Salary in Z city: Rs.36000 Vacancies in 2014: 410 Job Description As soon as you join the Office as an Income Tax Inspector, you will be greatly respected by general …

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