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English Vocab

SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 22

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring #SSC_CGL_One_Word_Booster. 1.the study of mountains.-Orology(पर्वत अध्यन ) 2.The study of lakes – Limnology(सरोवर अध्यन ) 3.The art of making maps and charts – Cartography(नक्शा बनाने की कला ) 4.The art of preserving skins-Taxidermy(चर्म सरक्षण कला ) 5.The study of ancients buildings and prehistoric remains.-Archaeology(पुरातत्व ) 6.The study of …

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SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases Booster Day-20

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases 1.A closed book-The subject or person that you(अपरिचित इन्सान ) 2.Back to square one- To return to the situation where you were without making no progress (जहा के तहा ) 3.Thick and thin-  Inspite of troubles or difficulties(सुख दुःख में ) 4. Rack …

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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 21

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring #SSC_CGL_One_Word_Booster. 1.the science study of industrial arts-Technology(तकनीकी ) 2.An institution for education in the arts and sciences.-Polytechnic(अनेक कला सम्बन्धी ) 3.The art of separating metals from ore.-Metallurgy(धातु शोधन कला ) 4.The sciences of colours.-Chromatics(रंगकला ) 5.The art of fireworks-Pyrotechnics(आतिशबाजी निर्माण कला ) 6.The study of rocks and soils …

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