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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Four

English vocabulary 1.       Beguile: verb – to attract (cause to be enamored); influence by slyness; charm or enchant someone in a deceptive way; synonym –  Deceive; Delude; Swindle; Captivate; Entrance; Enamor; bewitch; Coax; decoy; enthrall; intrigue; counterfeit. antonym – repel; unappealing;  Repulse. 2.       Belittle: verb – To lessen the authority, dignity or …

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SSC CGL 2014 CPT- Excel Exercises & Formula Sheets

  [gap] For the aspirant help in above four critical factors, SSCtube Prepared Formula handbook for your reference. Download these handbooks, read them and start practising by downloading Excel Exercises. All the Best for CPT !! Download All Files Excel Exercises Excel Formula Hand Book    Excel Formula Reference Book 1 …

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English Vocabulary- Daily Digest , Day 3

  1. Cognizance: noun – having knowledge of; awareness; consciousness; knowingness. antonym –  incognizance 2. Wither: verb – to become dry & shriveled, as with a loss of moisture; fade; shrink; shrivel; shrivel up 3. Dither: verb – be indecisive; an excited state of agitation; make a fuss; tremble; palpitate; …

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English Vocabulary – Daily Digest , Day Two

1. Deprecate: verb – to express strong disapproval of; deplore; abhor; frown on; detest; despise antonym – praise, overrate 2. Bewildered: ajdective – perplexed by many conflicting situations of statements; confused, baffled, confounded Bewilder: verb – to cause to be confused emotionally antonym –  bemuse 3. Foray: verb – to …

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