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SSC CGL Previous Year Vocab Booster – Day 8

  #SSC_CGL_Previous_Year_Vocab. #Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring 1.Shirker – dangler(जो काम से जी चुराता हो ) 2.entrust – handover (सोपना ) 3.grotesque – bizarre (भद्दा , विकृत ) 4.refute – rebut (खंडन करना ) 5.vociferously – screamingly(जोर दर तरीके से चिल्लाते हुए ) 6.indiscriminately- recklessly(अँधा धुंद ) 7.vicious – mischievous(शातिर,भ्रष्ट,खतरनाक ) 8.crippling – …

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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 7

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring #SSC_CGL_One_Word_Booster. who is particular about the purity of language. style etc. -purist( शुद्ध वादी ) 2.A man who amuses himself by love making-philanderer(इश्क बाज ) 3.A mechanic of craftsman – Artisan(शिल्पकार ) 4. A lover of learning -Philomath ( विद्या प्रेमी ) 5. A person who enjoys …

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SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases Booster Day-6

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases   1.ducks and drackes –  squandered (गवा देना ) 2.went to the winds – dissipated (नषट होना ) one’s wit’s end – to get puzzled(कुछ न सुझना  ) take someone to task – to scold someone(फटकारना ) face …

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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 6

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring #SSC_CGL_One_Word_Booster. 1.An person of material out  look and indifferent to culture – Philistine(असभ्य ) 2.One who is liked by the people- popular(प्रसिद्ध ) 3.One who talks about another;s private affairs and secrets – tall tale(चुगलखोर ) 4.A student who run away from class or school without permission -truant(भगोड़ा …

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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 5

#Share_It #Sharing_is_Caring #SSC_CGL_One_Word_Booster. 1.A man residing in a country of  which he is not a citizen- Foreigner (विदेशी ) 2.A bird that comes and goes with seasons- migratory(भ्रमणशील, प्रवाशी  ) 3.One who wastes money- prodigal (फिजूलखर्ची ) 4.One who has long experience of any occupation-veteran(अनुभवी ) who talks too …

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