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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Eighteen

English vocabulary   Lethal adjective – of an instrument of certain death Synonym – fatal, deadly   Foist off: verb – to sell as genuine, sell with the intention of deceive Synonym – sell, palm off, fob off Foist verb – to force onto another Synonym – enclose, impose, inflict, …

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Mock Test 1 Rank List

  Till now only 163 candidates have shared their Mock Test 1 score with us. Considering our user base and no of Aspirants for Tier 1 Exam, this response is very weak. SSCTUBE can serve you better if you help it to do that. We are among the first who …

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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Seventeen

English vocabulary 1. Vicarious adjective – experienced at second hand Synonym – exchangeable, secondary 2. Enormity noun – vastness of size or extent Synonym – outrageousness, atrocity, immensity, vileness 3. Stringent adjective – demanding strict attention to rules and procedures Synonym – rigorous, tight, demanding 4. Perpetrate verb – to …

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SSC CPO SI 2015 Result Declared

Result of SSC CPO SI 2015 has been declared by SSC today with category wise Cutoff . Below are the links of the result:- Desktop Links : Male_Cutoff Male_Result Female_Cutoff Female_Result   Mobile Links : Male_Cutoff Male_Result Female_Cutoff Female_Result

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Know Your Rank

To help the Genuine Candidates , we have worked out a way to calculate their All India rank in Mock Tests provided by us. Since, it is Pen Paper Exam, online evaluation is not possibl. So we need a little help from the genuine candidates to determine their ranks. Following …

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