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SSC is the second best option after the prestigious UPSC to get your dream bureaucratic job, where after one or two promotions, you are equivalent to an IAS, IPS or IRS. Like starting your career with Income Tax Inspector and retiring from Jt. Commissioner, Income Tax is a dream plan for many of us.

SSC exam is no more only about hard work, rather the competition has evolved from hard work to smart work. What now really counts is working with the right strategy, putting efforts on the right topics, picking up the right techniques and filling the right post preferences; only then can you realize your dream career.

Big coaching centres are busy in minting money by charging hefty fee from aspirants and stuffing 300-500 guys in a lecture. On the other hand, SSC is least interested in information dissemination for the benefit of aspirants. Thus, arises the void of guidance and to fill this very void, SSCtube has been incepted.


The idea of SSC tube started when some of the CGL 2013 officers discussed their experiences as how difficult it was for them to get reliable and authentic information about various SSC exams, related matters and the offered job profiles. If a fresh aspirant wants to crack this exam in the very first attempt, he/she definitely needs some solid guidance, an effective strategy and a work plan. Having gone through all the confusions and misguidance out of lack of correct information in public domain, these CGL2013 officers pledged that they would build a platform so that their juniors joining them in coming years do not face the same problems.

First time in the history of SSC, the circumstances of CGL 2013 brought together all the SSC aspirants to unite for their rights. This blessing in disguise has transformed each of us into pillars of a strong well-built network of officers who are now spread in every department, state and ministry of the central government. on the lines of is an attempt to utilize this network to provide a one stop solution to all the future officers regarding all their queries, doubts and requests for guidance on how to tackle SSC exams in the best way to attain their dream jobs.

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With the upcoming Pay Commission’s salary revisions, the SSC jobs are bound to get much more lucrative attracting more youth and talent towards these jobs. Already we have colleagues from BITS, NITs, DCE and companies like Accenture, TCS, Wipro etc sharing office space with us in govt. departments. We would never want a good talent to miss a deserving SSC job due to lack of information/guidance. You can visit the various, well-segregated sections on the website to educate yourself about various profiles, latest news, corrigendum, number of vacancies and topper’s strategy. In case you have any further query, we will be happy to help you with that. After all, sharing is caring.

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