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Personal Interview – Delhi Police Female SI (POOJA SAINI 2016 Batch)

Personal Interview – Delhi Police Female SI


Through this post, SSCtube is enlightening the female candidates about the uniform jobs, how singular it is as compared to other jobs. I would like to ascertain that uniform job will make them feel proud by giving their share of hand in making the society a better place. And being a female it is a place where you can prove your mettle, your strength of handling all kind of circumstances which all of us are capable of.
It is a prestigious job , one interested must opt for it without any hesitation of danger and by believing in oneself that We are capable of facing the challenges and succeed.

Q > A brief Intro about W-PSI Pooja Saini.

A > She belongs to Mumbai and completed her education from Mumbai itself . She was scholar in academics and earned various accolades during her graduation along with that she was an undergraduate researcher. She dreamt of joining force right from her college days. She qualified SBI clerk, SBI PO, PA/SA MH circle, Coast Guard, SSC CPO and Railway SM.

Q > Why you preferred joining Police Force?

A > Uniform is what always attracted me. My college was between IPS colony and Navy Nagar so it was very common to see people in uniform there, I got inspired by the aura that uniform bring to one’s Identity.

Q > What was your strategy to crack the SSC CPO ?

A > Before, preparing for CPO, I confirmed the physical and medical eligibility criteria necessary to get through the final selection. So, before preparation its necessary to know whether you will be able to clear Physical and Medical examination otherwise whole preparation will get wasted.

Since, I was aiming for Delhi Police and to be in the merit for Delhi Police you have to score very well. Initially I went through the text books (mentioned in next answer) after 20 days of continuous preparation (5-6 Hours), I started taking mocks and this helped me a lot in analyzing my mistakes and to be in the race with other meritorious aspirants. 

Q > Which books have you referred?

A > For English : SSCtube Mock Test, Plinth to Paramount & Kiran Publication chapter wise Book
Maths : SSCtube Mock Test, Kiran Publication Chapter Wise
Gk : Lucent and Gaurav Garg notes
Reasoning: SSCtube Mock Tests

Q > Did you prepared for the CPO Physical Test?

A > Yes, i did prepared for around 1 0 days to see if i can complete the race on time. Long jump and high jum took little bit of practice.

Q > You know being a Women Police Officer is a difficult job, you have to sacrifice a lot. What prompted you to face this hardship and leaving a well paid private job and SBI PO?

A > No job is easy if you really want to work and nobody will pay you on armchair. If every other person will think that Uniform Job is difficult and not join forces then who is going to deal with female cases like rape, sexual harassment, child abuse etc which they hesitate to report to a male officer.
Talking about sacrifices then i think its the personal time which will be sacrificed the most being a woman looking after family is also as important as the duty but its only family who can understand you better than anyone else So they would understand that others need me more than them. I have chose this by my free will. So if i want time for myself i would have chosen SBI PO.

Q > What is your training schedule?

A > 

  • We wake up at 5.
  • We have to report to the ground by 5:45
  • From 5:50 to 7 PT,
  • 7:20-9 Parade,
  • 9-10 breakfast,
  • 10-1 theory lectures,
  • 1 -2 lunch,
  • 2-3:30 lecture,
  • 4:45-6 PT or shram daan,
  • 6-7 dinner,
  • 7:30 roll call. This is how the day ends.

Q > Is training physically tough for a W-PSI

A > It is tough not but not only for women but also for men. But only to make us tougher and ready for any situation that we will be facing in near future.

Q > How would you encourage other female candidates for uniform jobs?

A > I personally think that every women should step out of their comfort zone first, they should be confident about themselves that not only desk jobs are for them but they can also handle belt responsibilities with conviction. There will be people around you who will discourage you at every step saying police job is not for female “bacche kon sambhlega, ghar kon sambhalega, pati ki seva kon karega etc etc” but you just need to concentrate on the positive energy around you and your inner feelings that you are fit to serve the nation.

Q > How SSCtube helped in your preparation.

A > I had opted for CPO test series which helped me score well in pre and mains exam. Guidance of admin kept me motivated and helped me overcome the negative energy around me. 

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