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Daily Vocabulary Dose by SSCtube (03-02-2018)

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Daily Vocabulary Dose by SSCtube (03-02-2018)

Start learning most frequently asked words in SSC Exams through Daily Vocabulary Dose provided by SSCtube.


The dawn of the information age opened up great opportunities for the beneficial use of data. It also enhanced the perils of unregulated and arbitrary use of personal data. Unauthorised leaks, hacking and other cyber crimes have rendered data bases vulnerable. But it is the conflict between the massive scope for progress provided by the digital era and the fear of loss of individual autonomy that is foregrounded in any debates about data protection laws. It is against this backdrop that the White Paper made public by the Justice B.N. Srikrishna Committee to elicit views from the public on the shape and substance of a comprehensive data protection law assumes significance. To some, in this era of Big Data analytics and automated, algorithm-based processing of zettabytes of information, the fear that their personal data may be unprotected may conjure up visions of a dystopian world in which individual liberties are compromised. Therefore, it would be appropriate to draw up a law using the rights-based approach of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, 2016, in which data protection is comprehensive and exemptions limited. Some may prefer the American model in which the norms are stringent for government departments processing personal information, while private entities have to abide by the norms of giving notice and receiving consent. An enlightened citizenry will only help itself in participating in the search for a good data protection framework.

India does not have a separate law for data protection, though Section 43A of the Information Technology Act provides a measure of legal protection of personal information. In 2012, the Justice A.P. Shah Committee recommended a set of principles for a legal framework for protecting privacy. Drawn from OECD guidelines, these principles were centred on sufficient notice and disclosure to citizens when data are collected, limitations on data collection and use, and norms related to data security and accountability. The Srikrishna Committee has also flagged seven major principles. It wants the law to be technology-agnostic and enshrine the principle of informed consent. It favours data minimisation and accountability of those who process and control data. It privileges a holistic approach as the law would apply to both government and private entities, but with “differential obligations”. This is where the law requires careful drafting and strictly defined concepts. It is legitimate to collect personal data in the public interest, but this information should be protected and used only for the purposes it was collected. Above all, the law must provide for a suitably empowered statutory authority to enforce its promised protection to citizens’ data.

Vocab Dose

  1. Perils: serious and immediate danger. खतरों
    Synonyms:  danger, jeopardy, risk
    Antonyms: protection, safety 
    You could well place us both in peril.
  2. Arbitrary: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system. मनमाना
    Synonyms: whimsical, random, unpredictable

    Antonyms: rational, reasoned
    He took an arbitrary decision.
  3. Rendered:  provide or give (a service, help, etc.). प्रस्तुत करना
    Synonyms: give, supply, furnish

    Antonyms: withhold, deny
    Complacency is endemic in industry today.
  4. Elicit: evoke or draw out (a reaction, answer, or fact) from someone. प्रकाश में लाना
    Synonyms: obtain, bring out, abstract

    Antonyms: give, soothe, hide
    I tried to elicit a smile from Joanna.
  5. Conjure up: cause (a spirit or ghost) to appear by means of a magic ritual. जादू
    Synonyms: produce, materialize, magic

    Antonyms: forget, neglect
    They hoped to conjure up the spirit of their dead friend.
  6. Stringent: strict, precise, and exacting. कड़ी से कड़ी
    Synonyms: strict, form, rigid

    Antonyms: lenient, flexible
    There are stringent guidelines on air pollution.
  7. Agnostic: a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God. अज्ञेयवाद
    Synonyms: sceptic, doubter, questioner

    Antonyms: believer, theist
    He is an agnostic kind of person.
  8. Consent: permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. सहमति
    Synonyms: agreement, consent, accord
    Antonyms: dissent, forbid

    No change may be made without the consent of all the partners.
  9. Holistic: dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part. समग्र
    Synonyms: comprehensive, integrated, full

    Antonyms: atomistic, atomistical
    Ecological problems usually require holistic solutions.
  10. Statutory:  required, permitted, or enacted by statute. वैधानिक
    Synonyms: legal, lawful

    Antonyms: illegal, illicit
    There is no statutory controls over prices.

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