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SSC CPO 17 – Information on Medical Exam

ssc cpo 2017SSC CPO 17 – Information on Medical Exam

SSC CPO 17 Tier 2 Result was declared on 29.01.2018. Those selected will have to appear for medical examination. Here are the complete details of the medical examination to be conducted. 

Eyes: Maximum candidates are rejected in eye test. Your eyes should be perfect i.e. 6/6 vision in both the eyes.

Partial 6/6 vision may be allowed in some cases like if you are right handed person your right eye should have 6/6 and left eye can be partially 6/6 i.e. 0.25 or 0.50 is also allowed by some doctors and if you are left handed then your left eye should be 6/6. (This totally depends on the doctor if he/she allows)

Don’t go with the lenses, they will ask you to rub your eyes then and there.

Laser: Candidate may undergo laser surgery but minimum 30 days before Medical Examination. This is 100% safe because they aren’t taking help of machine to test your vision. Hence laser won’t be detected and you will easily clear the eye test.

If in case doctor ask you about Lasik, never disclose it to doctors. An iota of doubt can affect your selection.

ISHIHARA Test for color blindness – They will ask you to read a book which contain numbers written in coloured dotted pattern and in some pages there will be path instead of numbers.

Knock knees:

ssc cpo 2017One of the most important criteria for paramilitary forces. Candidate should not have Knock knees i.e. Knee must not touch each other when standing at 900 angle. (Minor knock knees can be treated with some exercises)

Bow legs:

ssc cpo 2017It is a condition in which your knees stay wide apart even when your ankles are together.

Carrying angle:

ssc cpo 2017When your arms are held out at the sides and your palms are facing forward, your forearm and hands should normally be about 5 to 15 degrees away from the body. (up to 20 for female)

Flat Foot:

ssc cpo 2017You should have a gap under the arch of your foot when you are standing. The arch, the inner part of the foot is slightly raised off the ground. (Wet your feet and stand on a dry floor and check the impression, it should have an arch in the middle.)

Ear: You are advised to clean your ears before going for Medical i.e visit an ENT doctor and have you ears clean i.e free from wax.

Nose: Candidates should not have DNS.
Teeth: Teeth Should be Proper. Minimum 14 dental point. (Properly filled teeth will be given full points.)

  • ssc cpo 017Teeth which are not considered necessary for efficient work are given with 1 point each.
  • Teeth assumed to be essential are allotted with 2 points each.
  • Each incisor, canine, 1st and 2nd premolars holds 1 point provided their corresponding lower teeth are present.
  • Each 1st and 2nd molar and well developed 3rd molar holds 2 points provided they are in good opposition to corresponding teeth in the lower jaw.
  • If 3rd molar is not well developed, it holds only 1 point.

X-Ray of Chest : They will check for any broken ribs and any clotting in lungs.

Piles: Candidate should be free from piles.

Varicose Veins:

ssc cpo 2017These veins are found from feet to stomach. these are responsible for Varicocele. Candidate should be free from this. (Can be treated, do not confuse it with other similar veins.)

Blood Test: For any major diseases and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease).

Tattoo: Get them removed before medical examination.

Genital Test Male: Candidate should be free from Hydrocele and Varicocele.

Hydrocele: One testicles is heavier than other i.e. water in one or both testicles.

Varicocele: One testicles hanging much lower to second one or brunch of Veins in both the or any one testicles.

Female: If a female candidate is having her menstrual dates clashing with the medical dates and if she’s uncomfortable in attending the medical examination, then she can go to the camp and request the respective doctor to consider her for the last batch of the test. (If the doctor says that there’s no issue with you being on your periods then do not argue and follow the procedure as said.)

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  1. Dear sir, i have undergone with surgery of varicose veins on both legs in 2015 due to declaration of Unfit in cpo 2015 . Marks are still noticeable on the legs. Should i tell the docter about the surgery or not. Please guide me with your advice.

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