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SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 Postponement – Rumor or Truth ??

ssc cgl 17 tier 2SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 Postponement

Rumor or Truth ??

A rumor regarding SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 Postponement is doing the rounds. Aspirants selected for Tier 2 exam are very much worried about this issue. SSC already delayed the Tier 2 Exam by almost 2 Months. 

Initially Tier 2 was scheduled for 27th November 17. But, SSC postponed it to 21st December 17. Again, in new and updated calendar for 2017-2018 they mentioned different dates for SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 i.e. from 18th Jan to 20th Jan 2018. 

Why aspirants are so concerned and almost believing this rumor as truth?


  1. SSC already postponed SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 twice. So, the lack luster attitude of SSC supporting this rumor.
  2. SSC JE 17 exam scheduled after SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 Exam, still the application status for SSC JE 17 is out. 
  3. Litigation related to normalization and different AAO cutoff are under process and next hearing dates scheduled before SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 tentative dates i.e. 18th Jan to 20th Jan 2018

According to SSCtube Point of View and with some inputs from SSC & Vendor(Labs) we would like to mention that the above 3 reason hold no value and SSC CGL 17 postponement news is just a rumor created by aspirants only and we’ll explain it why its a rumor.

Point 1 – SSC is in huge pressure from DOPT & PMO to finish the ongoing exams in which litigation is not the reason for the delay in the process of exam. Assuming that SSC will repeat the postponement process for third time is just because SSC lost its credibility among aspirants is wrong. However, this assumption may result in suicidal attempt for aspirants who already stopped studying due to this assumption.

Point 2 – Since, we know SSC JE 17 Exam will be conducted in 2 Stages and application status is released for 1st stage. Its not the admit cards for SSC JE 17 Exam. Admit cards for  SSC JE 17 still not released. 

Point 3 – Biggest point and most of the aspirants believing it to be the main cause of postponement. In reality its not. There is no interim order in any of the above mentioned 2 litigation. So, SSC is free to hold the SSC CGL Tier 2 whenever they want. Secondly, neither party will assume that they will be getting defeated in the litigation on next hearing. So, on the basis of this SSC is assuming that they will win both the litigation comfortably and they will conduct SSC CGL 17 Tier 2 and other stages without any further hurdles. 

Further, SSC already booked labs for SSC CGL Tier 2 and SSC JE 17 Tier 1 Exam. We already posted the RTI Reply we received from SSC NR (Check Here). 

After reading this article we leave it to the aspirants to decide whether SSC CGL Tier 2 going to be postponed or not. SSCtube’s conclusion is that exam dates are intact and if there is no adverse order from the court (expected) then there is no reason to further postpone the exam . So, keep preparing instead of waiting for the notice from SSC to confirm the exam dates.

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