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Daily Vocabulary Dose by SSCtube (28-01-2018)

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Daily Vocabulary Dose by SSCtube (28-01-2018)

Start learning most frequently asked words in SSC Exams through Daily Vocabulary Dose provided by SSCtube.


On December 28, the Lok Sabha passed the ‘triple talaq’ Bill — the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill — following a day of engaging discussion. It will soon be tabled in the Rajya Sabha. The legislation was mooted in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s judgment in August declaring that the practice of instant triple talaq was not constitutionally protected and would have no legal effect. At first glance, these developments come across as a classic example of collaboration the between the branches of government. The Supreme Court made a decision, the government conceptualised a Bill to reinforce the court’s decision, and Parliament is now in the process of enacting that Bill into law. However, this narrative collapses when the issue is considered more closely, as the Bill is at odds with the very judgment that it purports to reinforce.

The statement of objects and reasons accompanying the Bill indicates that it is meant to give effect to the court’s judgment, which it claims had failed to produce any deterrent effect in reducing the practice of triple talaq across the country. The purpose of the court’s judgment was disarmingly simple: to deprive talaq-e-biddat of recognition in the eyes of the law. That remains the case irrespective of the frequency with which it is exercised. To speak of “illegal divorce”, as the statement does, is therefore a contradiction in terms – triple talaq is simply not a divorce in the first place.

The Bill then proceeds based on this mistaken premise. Although it confirms that pronouncements of triple talaq are void, it goes further by criminalising the utterance of triple talaq. A victim of triple talaq, the Bill says, is entitled to a subsistence allowance and custody of minor children. These provisions belong to a Bill that regulates divorce, not marriage. A victim of triple talaq remains married to her husband. As a wife (rather than an ex-wife), she should be entitled to far more than mere subsistence. The question of custody does not arise where the couple remains married. This Bill accentuates it once again and puts men at the centre of legislative policy, by triggering a number of legal consequences upon the utterance of those words.

The alacrity and speed of Parliament’s response to the Supreme Court’s judgment is remarkable. One of the significant questions that arose before the Court was whether it would be appropriate to defer to Parliament on this issue. While the two judges in the minority favoured imposing a six-month injunction to enable Parliament to enact legislation on the subject, the judges in the majority specifically chose not to do so. As one of the judges in the majority noted, “it is not for the courts to direct” the enactment of any legislation. The fact that the Supreme Court did not direct Parliament to enact legislation does not preclude it from doing so.

Vocab Dose

  1. Collaboration: the action of working with someone to produce something. सहयोग
    Synonyms:  cooperation, alliance, partnership

    Antonyms: resistance
    He wrote a book in collaboration with his son.
  2. Purports: appear to be or do something, especially falsely. कुछ दिखाई देते हैं या कुछ करते हैं, विशेष रूप से झूठा
    Synonyms: claim, profess, pretend

    Antonyms: reality, exactly
    She is not the person she purports to be.
  3. Deterrent: a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something. निवारक
    Synonyms: curb, disincentive, restraint

    Antonyms: incentive, encouragement
    The cameras are a major deterrent to crime.
  4. Disarmingly: in a manner that allays suspicion or hostility, especially through charm.
    एक तरह से संदेह
    Synonyms: seemingly, dazzingly

    Antonyms: despicable, disgusting
    She smiled disarmingly.
  5. Contradiction: a combination of statements, ideas, or features which are opposed to one another. अंतर्विरोध
    Synonyms: denial, refutation, rebuttal

    Antonyms: confirmation, reaffirmation
    The proposed new system suffers from a set of internal contradictions.
  6. Utterance: the action of saying or expressing something aloud. कथन
    Synonyms: remark, comment, statement

    Antonyms: quiet, silence
    He whispered, as if to lend his utterances an added confidentiality.
  7. Entitled: give (someone) a legal right or a just claim to receive or do something. हकदार
    Synonyms: qualify, authroise, sanction

    Antonyms: take away right
    The employees are normally entitled to redundancy pay.
  8. Accentuates: make more noticeable or prominent. कठिन
    Synonyms: meticulous, diligent, pain staking

    Antonyms: lax, gentle, mild
    His jacket unfortunately accentuated his paunch.
  9. Alacrity: brisk and cheerful readiness. तत्परता
    Synonyms: eagerness, willingness, readiness

    Antonyms: apathy, coolness, lethargy
    She accepted the invitation with alacrity.
  10. Preclude:  prevent from happening; make impossible. बंद करना
    Synonyms: stop, prohibit, debar

    Antonyms: allow, permit
    The secret nature of his work precluded official recognition.

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