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Daily Vocabulary Dose by SSCtube (14-01-2018)

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Daily Vocabulary Dose by SSCtube (14-01-2018)

Start learning most frequently asked words in SSC Exams through Daily Vocabulary Dose provided by SSCtube.

  1. Turmoil: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.

    The country was in turmoil.


  1. Inexorable: impossible to stop or prevent.
    The seemingly inexorable march of new technology.


  1. Unprecedented : never done or known before

    The government took the unprecedented step of releasing confidential correspondence.


  1. Echelons : a level or rank in an organization, a profession, or society.

    The upper echelons of the business world.


  1. Reverberation: prolongation of a sound; resonance; echo or a continuing effect

    Electronic effects have been added, such as echo and reverberation

    The attack has had reverberations around the world.


  1. Ominous : giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen

    There were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead.


  1. Delineate: describe or portray (something) precisely.
    The law should delineate and prohibit behavior which is socially abhorrent.


  1. Steadfast: resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering, loyal, faithful, steady, constant
    “steadfast loyalty”


  1. posterity : all future generations of people.
    “The victims’ names are recorded for posterity”


  1. Illumine: light up; brighten.
    he moved her lamp so that her face was illumined.


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