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Improve Your Vocabulary From Newspaper(10-10-2017)

SC bans firecrackers during Diwali: Experts welcome move, livid shopkeepers say better ban nuclear bombs

In an effort to check alarming pollution level, the Supreme Court on Monday slapped a temporary ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR region during Diwali this year, dealing a blow to the traders and businessmen dealing in them. Giving out the order, the apex court maintained that its last month’s order, which lifted the stay and permitted the sale of firecrackers, would come into effective only from November 1, 12 days after the ‘festival of lights’.

The latest order means the SC has “forthwith” suspended temporary licences issued by the police for sale of firecrackers pursuant to the order of September 12. The order assumes significance as the court observed that “the air quality deteriorates abysmally and alarmingly and the city chokes thereby” due to the adverse effects of bursting of fire crackers.

A bench headed by Justice A K Sikri also observed that the November 11, 2016 order suspending the licences “should be given one chance to test itself” to see if it would have a positive effect, particularly during Diwali. Last year, the court had suspended all licenses permitting the sale of fireworks, wholesale and retail within the territory of NCR till further orders.


“This order prevailed during the year but the impact and effect of this order remains to be tested on Diwali days,” the bench said. “Going by these considerations, we are of the opinion that the judgment dated September 12, 2017 passed by this court should be made effective only from November 1, 2017.


The court stated that adverse effects of firecrackers during Diwali had led to the closing of schools in Delhi last year and the authorities were compelled to take various measures on emergent basis when faced with ‘health emergency’ situation. A dense blanket of smog had engulfed the city after the night of fireworks on October 30 last year.


  1. slapped -थप्पड़ मारा(spankpat)
  2. firecrackers -पटाखों
  3. apex -सर्वोच्च
  4. forthwith-तुरंत
  5. pursuant -अनुसारी
  6. significance -महत्व
  7. abysmally -काफी
  8. adverse -विपरीत
  9. compelled -मजबूर
  10. emergent -आकस्मिक
  11. engulfed -घिरा हुआ
  12. dense -सघन

By Lokesh Saini

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