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IB ACIO Mismanagement & Question Paper Issue

ib acio exam

IB ACIO Mismanagement & Question Paper Issue

This exam recruits aspirants for Intelligence Bureau, a security agency. These posts are sensitive in nature and callous attitude of recruitment agency i.e. MHA will lead to joining of frauds in the system.


Many students complained about severe mismanagement issues at centers. Some students shared their stories of mismanagement related to less time, no security measures, use of mobile phone by some aspirants, group solving and other fraudulent activities.

Question Paper Issue

Most of the questions were directly taken from an exam preparation site (without changing Digits). That particular exam preparation site posted those questions 1 month before. Setting paper like this would be an advantage to the users of that site.

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Those who faced the mismanagement please file the grievance on

ib acio corruption

File grievance in large no.s otherwise your hard work will go in vain if exams will go like this.

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  1. बहोत बडी धांधली हुयी है IB ACIO GRADE II 2017 परीक्षा में
    भाईयों नागपूर के हमारे सेंटर पर 10:20 को एन्ट्री दी जा रही थी ; और सबसे खतरनाक बात यह है – *एक बेंच पर दो परीक्षार्थी*
    लो कर लो बात !

    अब तो *PGPORTAL* पर जाकर PETITION फाईल करना पडेगा !
    और हां ; कीसी एक के पेटीशन फाईल करने से कुछ नही होगा ; सब को pgportal पर जाके कम्प्लेंट करना ही होगा !

    न्याय चाहीये तो खुद हाथपैर हिलाने ही पडेगा

  2. We have yo gather and face this problem bravely

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