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Discussion – Why Additional List in CGL 16 is not feasible ?

Discussion – Why Additional List in CGL 16 is not feasible

Why publishing an additional list is not feasible in CGL 16?

Let’s take an example of 10 Aspirants selected for SSC CGL 16, for 10 Posts

10 Aspirants – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J (In Ascending order of their Rank)

Post Code – M, N, L

2 vacancies for post code M,

3 vacancies for post code N

5 vacancies for post code L

Now, Allocation of Post to aspirants was done in this manner

A – M

B – M

C – N

D – N

E – N

F – L

G – L

H – L

I – L

J – L

Now, scenario after court order.

Let’s assume 3 new aspirants will be included in the result. These 3 Aspirants are X, Y, Z

If, all 3 X, Y & Z are scoring less than the marks obtained by J(combined marks). Then SSC need 3 Post of L and ranking of earlier aspirants won’t be affected.

But if X scores more than A, Y Scores more than E & Z Scores more than H. In This case SSC needs 1 post of M, 1 Post of N & 1 Post of L (Real Case).

It won’t be possible for SSC to allocate posts from CGL 2017 quota, and they can’t send fresh demand to all user Department to get those required vacancies.

So, the most probable solution in front of SSC is revision of result or appeal in HC/SC against this order.

One more query was, is this judgement applicable only for petitioner or for all rejected aspirants. FYI, after this judgement Fresh cases will be filed by other rejected aspirants and if SSC went ahead with revision of only 26 petitioners than in future other similar judgement in same case will stall the process again and this result revision process will become a repeated cycle for months.

  1. How much time will SSC take to revise the result.

After including descriptive marks of rejected aspirants. Result revision process will be started. It will get published in 10 days after tallying descriptive marks of rejected aspirants. But, now many aspirants will hold different rank, post. So, SSC will prepare fresh dossiers for all and this will again take 1.5 months.

So, 2 months minimum for revising the result and sending dossier to user departments. 3 months for first joining.


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