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SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases Booster Day-5



SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases


1.To get one’s own back -to get one’s revenge(बदला लेना ) steer clear of – avoid(दूर रहना ) beat a retreat – to run away in fear(भागना ) blaze a trail – to lead the way as a pioneer(अगुवा होना )

5.Read letter day-happy and significant day(स्मरणीय मंगल दिवस )

6.have the last laugh- to be victorious at the end of a argument(अंतिम समय में विजय प्राप्त होना )

7.Turn a deaf ear- disobey (अनसुनी करना ) smell a rat – to suspect a trick(दान मे काला लगना )

9.done for – ruined (बर्बाद होना , गया काम से )

10.on the level- honest and sincere(ईमानदारी से )

by Lokesh saini


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