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SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases Booster Day-3



SSC CGL Previous Year idioms & phrases


1.Drew on his fancy – used his imagination(अपनी कल्पना का इस्तेमाल करना )

2. Pay through his nose- Pay an extremely high price (भारी कीमत  देना )

3. rest on their laurels – to be complacent (पुराणी ख्याति पर संतोष करना )

4. to give him a piece of my mind – to reprimand (साफ साफ कह देना )

5. to stave off – Postpone (खुद से दूर रखना )

6. takes after – resembles (एक जैसे होना )

7. made no bones about – did not have any hesitation in (हिचकिचाहट न होना )

8. Heads will roll – Transfers will take place (कुछ लोग दण्डित होंगे )

9. made a clean breast of – confessed without reserve (सच काबुल  करना ) keep up – to keep in touch (किसी के टच में रहना )

11. sowing wild oats – Irresponsible pleasure seeking in young age (ऐयाशी करना )

12. stand offish – indifferent (उदासीन,गैर मिलनसार होना )

13. blowing your own trumpet – praising your won abilities and achievements (डींगे मरना )

14. an axe to grind – to private interest to serve (अपना मतलब निकलना )

15. an open book – on that held no secrets (खुली किताब होना )

by Lokesh saini


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