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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 7


#SSC_CGL_One_Word_Booster. who is particular about the purity of language. style etc. -purist( शुद्ध वादी )

2.A man who amuses himself by love making-philanderer(इश्क बाज )

3.A mechanic of craftsman – Artisan(शिल्पकार )

4. A lover of learning -Philomath ( विद्या प्रेमी )

5. A person who enjoys the authority vested in him by some higher power – Delegate (प्रतिनिधि )

6. A man appointed to carry out the provision of one’s will – Executor (उतर शादक )

7. A person reserved in speaking – Reticent (अल्पभाषी )

8. One who destroys the work of art – Vandal (कलाद्वेशी)

9. A professor who has honorably retired from service – Emeritus (सेवानिवृति )

10. One who forsake his party – Turncoat  (अपना पक्ष त्यागने वाला )


by Lokesh Saini

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