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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 6



1.An person of material out  look and indifferent to culture – Philistine(असभ्य )

2.One who is liked by the people- popular(प्रसिद्ध )

3.One who talks about another;s private affairs and secrets – tall tale(चुगलखोर )

4.A student who run away from class or school without permission -truant(भगोड़ा विद्यार्थी )

5.A person chosen by quarreling parties to settle their disputes – Arbitrator(मध्यस्थ )

6.a person who helps a stranger or a helpless person in difficulties – Samaritan(परोपकारी  व्यक्ति ) who is very particular or over scrupulous about small details – meticulous(अति सावधान ) who relies on experience and observation- empiric(प्रयोग पर आश्रित)

9.extremely loud and showy – ostentatious( आडम्बरी )

10.A person who is proficient in law -jurist(कानून में प्रवीण)

by Lokesh Saini

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