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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 4



1.One who feeds on vegetables only- Vegetarian (शाकाहारी )
2. One who eats human flesh – Cannibal(नरभक्षी )
3. One who eats all kinds of food – panthophagist(सर्वाहारी )
4.One who collects coins – Numismatist (सिक्के इकट्ठे करने वाला )
5.One  who hears the private conversation of others – Eavesdropper(छिपकर बाते सुनने  वाला )
6. A lover of animals – Zoophilist (पशु प्रेमी )
7.people who introduce something new- Innovator (प्रवर्तक  )
8. One who makes an eloquent public speech – orator(वक्ता )
9. A Minister representing a sovereign or state in a foreign country- Ambassador(राजपूत )
10. Those Who work in the same department -colleague (सहकर्मी )
11. One who is the centre of attraction – Cynosure (आकर्षण बिन्दु )
12. A man of unusual habits – Eccentric(सनकी )
13.A child whose parents are dead-orphan(अनाथ )
14.One who speaks for others – spokesman(अधिवक्ता )
15. That which is hard to please – Fastidious (दुराराध्य)

by Lokesh Saini

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