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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 3



  1. A Person who travels from place to place – Itinerant(भ्रमण करने वाला )
  2. A person who walks on foot – Pedestrian(पदयात्री )
  3. A person who subsists on alms – Mendicant or Beggar (भिखारी )
  4. A person who makes a vain display of his learning – pedant (ज्ञान का बखान करने वाला )
  5. A person who foretells events – Prophet (भविष्य वक्ता )
  6. One who is given to sensual  enjoyment –Epicure or Voluptuary (भोगी )
  7. One who assumes false character – Hypocrite 0r  impostor (ठग )
  8. One who explains or translates the meaning of said statement – Interpreter (व्याख्या करने वाला )
  9. A person who is skilled in many languages – Linguist (भाषा प्रवीण )
  10. One who uses both hands with equal facility – Ambidexter (दोनों हाथो से लिखने वाला )
  11. A person in a low state of health – Valetudinarian (व्याधि पीड़ित )
  12. A secret messenger – Emissary (गुप्तचर )
  13. One who studies old things –Antiquary (प्राचीन पदार्थो का अधयानकर्ता )
  14. One who holds an office previously – predecessor (पूर्व अधिकारी  )
  15. One who kills treacherously – Assassin(हत्यारा )
  16. An associate or partner in crime – Accomplice (सहअपराधी  )
  17. One who does not take any intoxicating drinks – teetotaler (मादक पदार्थो का सेवन न करने वाला )
  18. The first or original inhabitants of a country – Aborigines (देश के मूल निवासी )
  19. One who dies for a noble cause – Martyr (शहीद )
  20. One who  imitates the voice, gesture etc of another – Mimic (बहरूपिया ) 

                                                                                                                                 by Lokesh Saini

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