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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 2



  1. A person who looks to the bright side of things – optimist (आशावादी)

  2. A person tho looks to the dark side of things – pessimist (निराशावादी)

  3. A person who depends on and believes in Fate – Fatalist(भाग्यवादी)

  4. A lover of mankind – philanthropist (जन हितेषी )

  5. A hater of mankind – misanthropist (मनुष्य द्रोही )

  6. A lover of women –  philogynist  (स्त्री प्रेमी )

  7. A hater of women – misogynist (स्त्री से ग्रहणा  करने वाला )

  8. A person who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men – cynic (कुटिल मनुष्य )

  9. A lover of oneself – egoist (स्वंय को प्रेम करने वाला )

  10. A lover of others – Altruist (परोपकारी )

  11. A person who talks too much of himself – egotist (अहंकारी )

  12. A person who has the habit of walking in sleep – somnambulist (नींदों में चलने वाला )

  13. A person who talks in sleep – Somniloquist(नींदों में बाते करने वाला )

  14. A person  who talks to himself – Soliloquist(खुद से बाते करने वाला )

  15. A person who runs away from justice or the law – fugitive (भगोड़ा )

  16. A person who flees for shelter – Refugee (शरणार्थी )

  17. A person who is  expelled from his country – Exile (निर्वासित व्यक्ति )

  18. A person who steals books – Biblioklept (पुस्तक चोरी )

  19. A person who offers his service of his own free will – Volunteer (स्वंय सेवक )

  20. A person who does a thing for pleasure and not  as a Profession – Amateur (अव्यवसायी )

                                                                                                                                 by Lokesh Saini

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