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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 13



1.A error in writing or printing – Erratum (लेखन अशुधि)

2.A principle or standard by which anything is or can be judged – criterion (कसोटी )

3.A statement which is accepted as true without proof- Axiom(स्वत सिद्ध प्रमाण )

4.The ancient books which are still in use – Extant (प्रचलित )

5.A word no longer is use – Obsolete(अप्रचलित )

6.Language that is very much used – Hackneyed (बहुप्रचलित )

7.Commencement of words beginning with same letter – Alliteration (अनुप्राश)

8.Description of something in the guise of another – Allegory (दुष्टान्त )

9.Rhetorical exaggerative in speaking or in a piece of writing – Hyperbole (अतिशोय्क्ति )

10.Expression of one’s meaning in a language contrary to one’s word – Irony(व्यंगोक्ति)

By Lokesh Saini


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