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SSC CGL One word Booster Day – 1 (Based on Military Words)



  1. Land forces of a country – Infantry(पैदल सेना).

  2. Army of soldiers on horse back- Cavalry(घुड़सवार सेना)

  3. Branch of army that manages cannons – Artillery(तोपखाना).

  4. A place where weapons of war are prepared or stored- Arsenal(सस्त्रस्त्र भण्डार).

  5. One who attacks first – Aggressor(आक्रामक).

  6. Nations engaged in war – Belligerents(परियुधक).

  7. A person who is fond of fighting – Bellicose(लड़ाका ).

  8. A person who believes in the total abolition of war – pacifist(शांतिप्रिय).

  9. The act or practice of spying – espionage(जासूसी).

  10. A body of soldiers stationed in a fortress to defend it- Garrison(दुर्ग रक्षक).

  11. A soldiers who fights for the sake of money – mercenary(भाड़े का टट्टू).

  12. one who takes up arms against government – Rebel(राजद्रोही).

  13. The art practiced by statesman and politicians – Diplomacy(कूटनीति).

  14. One who lives in a country without citizenship – Alien(परदेसी).

  15. A shower of bullets – Volley(शास्त्रों की वर्षा).

  16. Cessation of fighting before a treaty singed – Armistice(युद्ध विराम).

  17. A general pardon of political offenders  – Amnesty(राजनितिक अपराधियों को छमादान).

  18. A promise given by a prisoner not to try to defend if given temporary release – parole(प्रतिज्ञा).

  19. To cause troops etc, to spread out in readiness for battle- Deploy (फैलाना).

  20. Articles used in charging firearms- Ammunition(बारूद).

                                                                                                                                    by lokesh saini

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