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SSC CGL Tier 2 Preparation Strategy (20-25 Days)

sc cgl preparation strategy

SSC CGL Tier 2 Preparation Strategy (20-25 Days)

Those who still not started SSC CGL 2015 Tier 2 Preparation, which is going to be held on 25/10/2015. Here we will provide you 20-25 days strategy to score maximum marks in Tier 2

Some Requirements before you follow this strategy

  • You have to take leave if you are working somewhere (Competition is fierce you can analyse it through Cut Off – 74442 candidates are qualifying UR Cut Off of 102.25)
  • At least 10 Mocks of Maths (Paper-1) & 10 Mocks of English (Paper-2) with solutions
  • Sample OMR Printouts
  • Previous Year Papers of CGL 2013 & CGL 2014
  • 1 Book for Arithmetic Maths, 1 for Advance Maths, 1 for English (No New Book only the old ones through which you prepared for Tier 1)[gap height=”10″]

SSC CGL Tier 2 Paper 1 – Quantitative Abilities 

No. of Questions – 100

Time – 2 Hours/120 Minutes

2 Mark for each Question

Minimum Time required to Fill 100 bubbles in OMR – 10 Minutes

Time wasted in Signing Attendance, Applying Thumb Impression, etc – 5 Minutes

Time Left to Solve Paper 1 – 105 Minutes

1.05 Min to solve each question

You have to attempt all 100 Questions with 90% accuracy to keep yourself in the race of Interview Post

*There is luck needed in SSC Exams but remember that there is no substitute to hard work. Try to minimize the role of luck with your hard work but do it smartly.

Step 1 to 10

  1. Find your SSC CGL Tier 1 Paper to check your Score & Accuracy in Maths and English Section when you took the exam. 
    • If you have attempted (Here attempted means reading of question & attempt to solve it) all 50 questions of Quant and have more than 90% accuracy then to have 100% accuracy you need to practice more.
    • If you have attempted all 50 questions of Quant but accuracy is less than 90% then you have to workout on accuracy. Figure out the questions/topics in which you faced problem like calculation mistake, lack of concept, untouched topic or Exam Pressure.
    • If you have attempted less than 50 Questions and accuracy is more than 90% then you need to workout on your speed. Figure out the questions in which you stuck up or took more time than needed.
    • If you attempted less than 50 questions and accuracy is also less than 90 % then you need to workout on both speed and accuracy. Figure out the questions/topics in which you stuck up or took more time than needed and faced problem like calculation mistake, lack of concept, untouched topic or Exam Pressure.
      • For e.g. sometimes in mensuration questions diameter is given and what we do is we calculate the answer by taking diameter as radius. So, this indicates that you are not reading the question carefully.
    • After this you will be able to know where you are lacking. You will get to know the Topics in which you were uncomfortable in Tier 1, Type of Questions in which you took more time or your inability to cope up with the Exam Pressure.
    • There are questions from some topics which are generally left out in CGL Tier 1 Exam like Prism & Pyramid. But in CGL Tier 2, questions from these topics can be asked. Questions asked from these topics in previous CGL exams were very easy. So, mark these topics in your list of uncovered topics.[gap height=”5″]
  2. Take 1 previous year Question paper (preferably 2013 & 2014) of Quantitative Abilities
    • With alarm set for 105 minutes, give this paper.
    • Give your best attempt thinking it is your actual exam. You must mark your response in the OMR Sheet.
    • After completion of Paper in the stipulated time, check how much questions you attempted (Read & tried to solve). Check your OMR with Answer Key and note down your marks. 
    • If you have attempted all 100 Question then move to next point otherwise do the remaining questions as fast as possible.
    • Now analyse your performance thoroughly. (Most Important Part)
      • Check whether you have made calculation mistakes in questions which you have already solved earlier.
      • Any new type of question/topic encountered. If yes then jot down the approach of solving new type of question.
      • Have you applied longer method to solve the easy questions.
      • Left some questions due to unclear concepts.
      • Stuck up in the time consuming questions and left the easier ones.
      • Not able to read and solve the all 100 questions.[gap height=”5″]
  3. After analysis of Tier 1 Quant Section and previous year paper you will be able to jot down the factors to be taken care of to improve your performance in Tier 2 Exam.[gap height=”5″]
  4. Within 5 Days cover all remaining topics or unclear concepts from the books mentioned above. Don’t do same topic from different books. In current situation it is not advisable to buy and solve new book.[gap height=”5″]
  5. You have already prepared quant for Tier 1 from some book and in that book you might have marked the difficult topics, questions and formulas to revise. So, do the revision now.[gap height=”5″]
  6. Very small no. of questions in Tier 2 Paper requires short tricks to solve them. Most of the questions require calculation in mind and right approach to solve. So practice such questions through this method. You can also post time consuming questions on various forums to get shortest method or tricks to solve those questions
    • For e.g. conventional way to solve time & work problem is by reciprocal & unitary method. But it involves lot of calculation. So, to make the calculation easy LCM method is best suited for time & work problem.
    • Similarly most of the questions in algebra can be solve by assuming values of variables but this need lot of practice.[gap height=”5″]
  7. After covering all remaining topics & unclear concepts take one more previous year paper and analyse it on similar basis.
    • Check whether you repeated the similar calculation mistakes in this paper, If yes then make sure this is the last time you will be committing that mistake.
    • Did you encountered new type of question/topic, if yes jot it down
    • Improvement in approach to solve the problem  (Application of shorter or easier method)
    • Improvement in the no of questions you were able to read.
    • Saved time by escaping time consuming question and solving the easier ones.[gap height=”5″]
  8. The above 7 points will take not more than 7-8 days. After this you have to solve at least 10 Mocks of Maths in remaining days under real time scenario i.e. Maths Mock at 10 AM and English at 2 PM with clock & OMR on the table.
    • At least 1 Mock each day with proper Post Mock analysis of each question
      • After mock check the time you took in solving each question, this will let you know the most time consuming questions. So, in real exam you can escape those type of question in case of shortage of time.
      • During analysis you will definitely find out some questions which could have been solved through easy method or trick and most important thing to be noted is that you already knew that trick or method but you didn’t applied it during the mock. So, doing this exercise continuously after each mock will make your mind alert and you will apply best method in real exam.
      • The questions you didn’t able to read due to lack of time – Try to solve them now as fast as possible.
      • Question which you didn’t able to solve – Try again and if you able to solve it now then the real reason for you failure to solve those questions during mock is pressure. Remember that confidence is the key to success in SSC Exam. You have to go through the pressure cooker like situation during the exam but confidence in yourself will overrule that pressure and you will be able to perform.
      • Question which you are still not able to solve – These are only 1 or 2 questions in the mock and its better to leave them or if you have attempted 80% of the question paper correctly then take a chance by marking the most probable option as the answer. Try to post these questions in social forums to get the solution.
      • This exercise will not take more than 3 hours. So 5 hours a day for Mock & its Analysis will give you maximum return.[gap height=”5″]
  9. After each Mock check your average score in all Mocks. If you’re crossing your target score then don’t relax, revise your target and try to achieve that. If you’re less confident in some topics do revise them from book. It will not take more than 2 hours a day.[gap height=”5″]
  10. 2-3 days before exam – Stop solving mocks. Just pick up the books, solved mocks in which you marked your mistakes, highlighted points to remember and formulas you wrote. This will not take more than 2 days. Once done, now its time to relax, keep yourself cool and do those activities which you like to do apart from study.

This is all you need to do for Paper 1 i.e. Quantitative abilities. 

Strategy for English will be posted soon.

All the best for Tier 2 Exam

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