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Custom Examiners – Chance to get North Posting as Appraiser


Custom Examiners – Chance to get North Posting/Non Coastal Areas as Appraiser

Appraisers will also be posted in different Central Excise formations.

CBEC made cadre-wise distribution of the posts and cadre-wise distribution of the 1194 sanctioned posts of Appraisers amongst three cadres is indicated below :[gap height=”5″]
[accordions type=”toggle” handle=”pm” space=”no” ] [accordion title=”Toggle to see content of CBEC Letter” state=”close” ]
F.No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad.IV (Pt.)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise & Customs
Dated: 16th October, 2014
All Chief Commissioners of Central Excise & Customs,
All Chief Commissioners of Customs,
All Chief Commissioners of Customs (Preventive),
All Directors General,
Chief Commissioner (AR). CESTAT, New Delhi,
Chief Commissioner (Tax Arrears Recovery),
Director, Central Revenues Control Laboratories,
Chairman, Settlement Commission,

Sub –  Allocation of posts in Group ‘A’. ‘B’ & ‘C’ amongst Reorganized Zones / Commissionerates and Directorates General / Directorates/Other Formations, consequent upon cadre restructuring of the Field Formations under CBEC- regarding. 

Sir / Madam,

I am directed to refer to the Board’s letter F No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated 01 08.2014, regarding allocation of the posts ïn various grades amongst the field formations under CBEC.

2. There are three Cadres of Appraiser grade posts, viz. Mumbai Custom Cadre, Chennai Customs Cadre and Kolkata Customs Cadre. Appraisers belonging to the said three Appraiser cadres are posted to Customs Commissionerates (including Customs Commissionerates manned by Central Excise Staff) as well as Central Excise Commissionerates. After notification of revised staff strength, vide Board’s order F. No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated 01.08.2014; it has become necessary to again make cadre-wise distribution of the posts. Accordingly, cadre-wise distribution of the 1194 sanctioned posts of Appraisers amongst three cadres is indicated in the Annexure-A to this letter.

3. Customs Commissionerates (manned by Central Excise staff) and Central Excise Commissionerate will fill the posts of Appraiser allocated to them by concerned cadre controlling Zone, namely Mumbai, Kolkata &  Chennai.

4. All Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise are also hereby authorized to post such Appraisers as drawn from the respective Cadre Controlling Authorities to any post of Appraiser under their jurisdiction.

5. Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioners of the three Cadres shall ensure that officers belonging to the cadre under their respective control are posted on rotational basis to all the Commissionerate sharing staff strength from the cadre under their respective control. Further, the working strength and vacancies in the cadre shall be proportionately shared with all
the Commissionerates of Customs and Central Excise sharing the cadre strength.

6. Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioners shall also ensure that the number of officers deputed to any Commissionerate does not exceed the quota of posts earmarked to that Commissionerate.

Yours faithfully,
(Bharati Sridhar)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

[/accordion] [/accordions]


(referred to in the CBEC Letter No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated .10.2014)

1. Mumbai Customs Cadre of Appraiser :
(CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs Mumbai-I)
(i) Mumbai Customs (General) :25
(ii) Mumbai Customs (Export-l) : 20
(iii) Mumbai Customs (Import-I) 25
(iv) Mumbai Customs Import-lI) 25
(v) Mumbai Customs (Export-li) : 20
(vi) Nahva Sheva-I : 35
(vii) Nahva Sheva-Il : 35
(viii) Nahva Sheva-III : 35
(ix) Nahva Sheva-IV : 35
(x) Nahva Sheva-V : 35
(xi) Nahva Sheva General : 35
(xii) Mumba’ Customs-I (AP): 10
(xiii) Mumbai Customs-lI :27
(xiv) Mumba’- Customs-Ill :27
(xv) Mumbat Customs-IV : 27
(xvi) Mumbai Customs-V : 27
(xvii) Mumbai Customs (P) : 20
(xviii) Goa Custom House : 35
(xix) Pune-I CE : 3
(xx) Pune Customs : 5
(xxi) Nashik-l CE : 1
(xxii) Aurangabad CE : 5
(xxiii) Nagpur-I CE : 5
(xxiv) Ahmedabad Customs : 14
(xxv) Kandla Customs : 11
(xxvi) Jamnagar Customs (P) : 6
(xxvii) Mundra Customs : 24
(xxviii) Delhi Customs Airport : 20
(xxix) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 4
(xxx) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other ICDs): 10
(xxxi) Chandigarh-l CE : 6
(xxxii) Jodhpur Customs (P) : 10

[gap height=”5″]

Total : 622 Appraiser

[gap height=”5″]

North Posts – 50 Appraisers

[gap height=”5″]

Chennai Customs Cadre of Appraiser (CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs, Chennai)
(i) Chennai Customs (Airport) : 10
(ii) Chennai Customs Sea North : 35
(iii) Chennai Customs Sea CentraI : 35
(iv) Chennai Customs Sea East : 35
(v) Chenriai Customs Sea West : 35
(vi) Chennai Customs Sea South : 25
(vii) Chennai Customs ACC : 35
(viii) Chennai Sea General : 20
(ix) Cochin Customs (P) : 2
(x) Cochin Custom House : 25
(xi) Vizag Custom House : 20
(xii) Bangalore Customs (Airport & ACC):20
(xiii) Mangaore Customs : 10
(xiv) Thirvanthapuram CE : 5
(xv) Coimbatore CE : 3
(xvi) Tuticonri Customs : 5
(xvii) Trichy Customs (P) : 10
(xviii) Hyderabad Customs : 20
(xix) Guntur CE : 5
(xx) Delhi Customs Airport : 10
(xxi) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 3
(xxii) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other ICDs)’ : 10
(xxiii) Amritsar Customs (P) : 5

[gap height=”5″]

Total : 383 Appraiser

[gap height=”5″]

North Posts – 28 Appraisers

[gap height=”5″]

III. Kolkata Customs Cadre of Appraiser (CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs, Kolkata)
(i) Kolkata Customs Port : 96
(ii) Kolkata Customs Airport & ACC: 39
(iii) Kanpur CE : 7
(iv) Meerut CE : 3
(e) NOIDA Customs : 6
(vi) Lucknow Customs (P) : 4
(vii) Shillong Customs (P) : 2
(viii) Bhubaneshwar Customs (P) : 4
(ix) Delhi Customs Airport : 10
(X) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 3
(xi) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other lCDs): 10
(xii) Ludhiana Customs : 5

[gap height=”5″]

Total : 189 Appraisers

[gap height=”5″]

North Posts – 48 Appraisers

[gap height=”5″]

Total Cadre-wise Strength:

I. Mumbai Customs Cadre : 622
II. Chennai Customs Cadre : 383
III. Kolkata Customs Cadre : 189

Grand Total : 1194 Appraisers

North Posts – 126 Appraisers

For Examiners (80% Posts) = 101

For Preventive Officers (20% Posts)=27

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