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All about Assistant in Other Ministries (4200 GP)

Assistant in Other Ministries/Departments/Organisations

Post Code – I

In-Hand Salary

  • X Category Cities – 33082 
  • Y Category Cities – 30028
  • Z Category Cities – No posting in Z Category Cities

Location – All India Posting

What is the difference between Assistant in CSS & Assistant in other Ministries ??

There are offices attached to the different ministries, while Assistant in CSS gets posting in those ministries, Assistant in Other Ministries/Department/Organization gets posting in those attached Offices. So, the work of Assistant in Other Ministries/Department/Organization also differs form Assistant in CSS.

We have got detailed description of Assistant in Other Ministries/Department/Organization post from one of our friend posted in Passport Office which is one of the department under Ministry of External Affairs.

The Job Profile as Assistant in Passport Office is similar to the job profile of Assistant in all the other Departments/Organizations. 

Job Profile of Assistant in CPV [Consular Passport, Visa] Division under MEA

Have you ever visited any Regional Passport Office ??

If you got this post and have not visited Passport Office yet, then we suggest you to visit it. You will get to know the job you have to do being an Assistant there.

However, We know some of us belongs to the place where no passport office exist. So, for them to know about the job they will be doing soon, next few paras will help them to clear the air.

An Assistant Job in passport Office is public dealing Job (Different from Assistant in CSS, where no public dealing). His job is to verify the documents of passport applicants. Dealing Assistant submits the files to Superintendent who in turn submits to PGO (Passport Grant Officer).

As we know the passport application process is completely on-line now and there are deadlines for every step in the whole process. So, the workload is immense at some passport offices. You have to work on Saturday/Sunday if required but you will get extra pay for that. For example – There are events like Passport Mela which usually scheduled on weekends.

There is incentive scheme also for particular work. You can earn up to 33% of your salary in this incentive scheme. We don’t have information about the incentive policy in other departments/organization under this post.

A Common profile for All departments/Organisations under this post

The post of Assistant is very important post in the department and all Establishment, Administrative and Financial matters are basically examined and processed at this level. Assistant generally deal with mostly various complex/complicated nature of duties in HQ, Zonal and GDCs with an independent and higher sense of responsibility. An Assistant has to have thorough and extensive knowledge with requirement to make a complete study over the cases and has to correctly interpret rules/instructions/regulations intended for making these applicable in the department. An Assistant has to be very effective/efficient in dealing with the following vital issues concerning Establishment/Administrative & Financial matters after basic examination and thorough process at their level. The duties and responsibilities of Assistant are given below:-

1. Recruitment Rules of Group ‘A’,’B’,’C’ & ‘D’
2. Dealing with Audit Objection/Queries
3. Maintenance of Reservation Roster for Recruitment and Promotion
4. Preparation of DPC papers of various categories of officers & staff
5. Disciplinary cases, Preparation of Charge sheet/Memorandums
6. Control of Department’s Budget expenditure and compilation of budget of various GDCs
7. Dealing with VIP cases and Parliament questions (Starred & Unstarred)
8. To execute the fieldwork, drawals of money before start of the field and ensure payments to the field hand well in time before and during the field season


Superintendent exercise the same functions as Section Officers/Desk Officers in the Ministries/Departments/Secretariates of Govt. of India.  Minimum time frame for Assistant to be promoted as superintendent is 3 years. After Superintendent the next promotion is Passport Granting Officer, It’s a risky job due to the responsibilities attached to it.


Apart from salary, there is scope to get UTM after getting your first promotion. Now, your question would be – how ??

As you know these are the attached offices under ministries and have direct public dealings, project handling & granting which involves budgets in crores. So, scope of getting UTM increases.

That’s all for this Post Description.

To get a little glimpse of All India posting read this circular – Click to Read

Vacancy details of Assistant in Passport office as on 16.07.2014 – Click Here

* In Passport Office you will get chances to meet famous personalities 🙂

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