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7th Pay Commission Report (Rumours or Truth)

7th Pay commission

7th Pay Commission Report (Rumours or Truth)

We have seen pics of 7th Pay Commission Report getting viral on Social Media. The pics we are mentioning here are posted below.


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News Paper Article

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But, websites where government employees are active, clearly claimed that these pics are fake and the reports published in News Papers are also not true.

Links of those sites 

Rumours on 7th Pay Commission begin circulating in Social Media

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So, above links clarifies that calculating salary on the basis of fake document will not give you the exact idea about the increment in your Salary by 7th CPC. But, calculating the minimum increment in the salary through 7th CPC is no rocket science. We will try to calculate the salary of 4600 GP with proper logic. You can calculate salary of any Grade Pay by using the same logic.

Salary of 4600 GP (Remember that DA will get another 6% hike in December 2015)

(A) Basic – 17140
(B) DA (125%) – 21425 (DA will be merged in to new basic)
(C) Increment/Fitment on Basic Pay (25%) – 4285 (Not expecting more than this)

(D) New Basic = A+B+C = 17140+21425+4285 = 42850 (2.5 times of old Basic Pay)

This “2.5” is the multiplication factor which is generally quoted by news papers and blogs. But, people assumes that whole salary will be multiplied with this factor that’s not true. In some GP this multiplication factor can be more and in some can be less. Hence, its irrelevant to state a single multiplication factor for all GP.

(E) HRA (25% for Metro Cities) – 10712

(F) TA – 1600 

(G) DA on TA (125%) – 2000 (This can also be merged in New TA)

Increment in TA not Expected 

(H) New TA =F+G = 3600

(I) Gross Salary = D+E+H = 42850+10712+3600 = 57162


(J) NPS (10% of Basic) – 4285
(K) CGHS – 325
(L) CGEGIS – 60
(M) Income Tax – 1500 Approx.

(N) Net Deduction = I+J+K+L = 4285+325+60+1500 = 6170

(O) In Hand Salary = I-N = 57162-6170 = 50992

*There can be more increment/fitment in some Grade Pay where disparity is more as compared to next grade pay (like 4200 GP). Most of the Employee associations demanded to remove the huge disparity between 4200GP & 4600 GP. So, the removal of grade pay concept in 7th CPC is expected.

Now, the New Basic Pay may become the New Pay Band in 7th Pay commission but according to employees’ point of view changes in nomenclature doesn’t matter to them. They are more concerned about the percentage of increment/fitment, HRA, Allowances and yearly increment.

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