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SSC CGL Mains Paper Pattern – Topic Wise Analysis


SSC CGL Mains Paper Pattern & Analysis


Quantitative Abilities

Unlike single slot 2 hours Prelims, SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam (Mains) takes place in 2 slots. The first slot of 2 hrs is for Quantitative aptitude (Maths) followed by another 2 hrs slot for English Language and Comprehension.

Quantitative Aptitude or Paper 1 consists of 100 Questions which need to be done in 2 hours time. The timing is 10 am to 12 noon. Each Question carries two marks and every wrong answer penalises your score by – 0.5 marks.

This section tests your capability to do fast and accurate calculations. It also needs presence of good logic and quick recall of formulas. Here, practicing a lot of questions and relevant formulas is the key to score good.

Many aspirants consider this Paper high scoring but at the same time it is an arduous section to many other students. It requires application of frequently used formulas and methods on new type of problems and that too with clock ticking.


Topic Wise Analysis of Maths Paper (CGL 2013 Tier 2)

maths tier 2 aanalysis


English Language and Comprehension

The second slot of 2 hrs duration is for English Language and Comprehension section. Timing for this Paper is 2pm to 4pm. It contains 200 questions which need to be done in 2 hours. Each Question carries 1 mark and wrong answer has a penalty of – 0.25 marks.

Although, preparing a non-native language in a few months is not easy, but analyzing the pattern of the paper can give you an idea about the type of questions asked. The exam can throw surprises when it comes to Maths especially the weightage of different sections like advance maths etc, but the English section is the most predictable, follows the same weightage of different types of questions. Therefore, most of us who are weak in English can still score good marks by practicing the questions with higher weightage like jumbled sentence or cloze test.

Nothing much has changed in the no of questions from different topics and their difficulty level in the past years. So one can easily prepare only the relevant topics to score good in this section.


Topic Wise Analysis of English Paper(CGL 2013 Tier 2)


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