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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Twenty Two

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The vocab shared by us comes from different Sources . Previous year Papers, last year topper’s notes and commonly used words from newspaper are among the major source of information for this section. We have tried our best to accommodate the most important words so that candidates need not waste their time to learn thousands of words unnecessarily . Don’t miss this golden opportunity to have an SSCTUBE Edge over the other candidates . Learn all the words shared by us daily and score additional marks which isn’t possible otherwise due to vastness of Vocab.

English vocabulary

  1. Lucid

adjective – Capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner

Synonym – Luminous, Unambiguous, Apprehensible, Explicit, Limpid, Articulate, Eloquent, Pellucid

Antonym – Cloudy, Confused, Gloomy, Obscure, Vague


  1. Couplet

noun – Two items of the same kind

Noun – A stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse

Synonym – Verse, Distinct, Unit, Alliteration


  1. Lexicon

noun – a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them

Synonym – Dictionary, thesaurus, Vocabulary, Jargon


  1. Catechism

noun – a series of questions put for an individual to elicit their views

Synonym – Exam, Creed, Questioning, Test


  1. Verbiage

noun – The manner in which something is expressed in words

Synonym – circumlocution, Loquacity, Redundancy, Verbosity

Antonym – Conciseness


  1. Verbose

adjective – Using or containing too many words

Synonym – Bombastic, Circumlocutory, Garrulous, Loquacious, Tedious

Antonym – concise, Succinct


  1. Personification

noun – A person who represents an abstract quality

Synonym – Role, Prosopopeia, Embodiment, Epitome, Metaphor


  1. Repatriation

noun – The act of returning to the country of origin.; Reestablishment

Synonym – Recovery, Renovation, Refurbishment

Antonym – Abolition


  1. Conglomerate

noun – A composite rock made of particles of varying size; A group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization

verb – to collect or gather

adjective – Composed of heterogeneous elements gathered into a mass

Synonym – Amassed, Blended, clustered, Variegated, Promiscuous

Antonym – Like, Unvaried, Single


  1. Ousting

verb – To remove from a position or office

noun – The act of ejecting someone or forcing them out

Synonym – Depose, Dethrone, Dislodge, Evict, Sack, Topple, Banish, Ostracize, Eradicate, Exile, Expatriate, Rusticate

Antonym – Hire, Take in, Retain


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