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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Twenty One

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The vocab shared by us comes from different Sources . Previous year Papers, last year topper’s notes and commonly used words from newspaper are among the major source of information for this section. We have tried our best to accommodate the most important words so that candidates need not waste their time to learn thousands of words unnecessarily . Don’t miss this golden opportunity to have an SSCTUBE Edge over the other candidates . Learn all the words shared by us daily and score additional marks which isn’t possible otherwise due to vastness of Vocab.

English vocabulary

  1. Disrupted

adjective  – Marked by breaks or gaps

Synonym – Held up, Hindered, Intermittent, Suspended



verb – To make a break in.; to throw in disorder

Synonym – Rattle, Agitate, Muddle, Rummage

Antonym – Appease, Soothe, Organize


  1. Clamp

verb – To fasten or fix with a clamp

Synonym – Adhere, Enfetter, Hitch

Antonym – Released


  1. Quell

verb – To suppress or crush completely

Synonym – Annihilate, Quench, Stifle, Subdue, Queer, Subjugate, Vanquish, Abate, Appease

Antonym – Encourage, Surrender, Aggravate, Agitate, Perturb


  1. Pelting

verb – To cast, hurl or throw repeatedly with some missile

Synonym – Assail, Batter, Hurl, Lapidate, Swat

Antonym – Lose, Slow, Tap

noun – Anything happening rapidly or in quick succession

Synonym – Hail, Cannonade, Salvo, Volley


Pelt Along

verb – To move fast


  1. Faction

noun – Group sharing a belief or cause

Synonym – Clique, Coterie, Congregation

Antonym – Individual


  1. Sombre

adjective – Lacking brightness or color; Dull

Synonym – Dark, Ebony, Raven, Inky

Antonym – White, Clean


  1. Solicit

verb – To make a solicitation or entreaty for something.; Request urgently or persistently

Synonym – Ask, Canvass, Seek, Accost, Beseech

Antonym – Answer, Reply, Dodge


  1. Platitude

noun – A trite or obvious remark.; Dull or overused saying

Synonym – Banality, Bromide, Insipidity, Proverb, Verbiage

Antonym – Coinage, Nuance


  1. Erudite

adjective – Having or showing profound knowledge

Synonym – Literate, Scholarly, Learned, Cerebral, Highbrow

Antonym – Uneducated, Ignorant, Uncultured


  1. In Toto

adverb – In entirety

Synonym – En masse, Generally, By and large, Conjointly

Antonym – Incomplete, Partly

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