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SSCtube Edge: Tip 1 for SSC CGL Aspirants

Tip of the Day: On request of our followers, we have decided to help you with an SSCtube Edge over others.

As a part of it, we have compiled a list of small yet significant tips from previous toppers that shall help you to excel the competition. You might be knowing a few of them, but there might be some others that would be new to you. Every aspirant is working very hard, but now we need to work in a Smarter way. Follow and share these tips and provide us with your valuable feedback.

Tip 1: Best way to practice Mocks with OMR 

Filling your answers is as important as answering them correctly. While all the aspirants practice mock tests, only few practice it with OMR sheets. And even fewer must be practicing it with the New Format OMR by SSC.

This is the biggest mistake which even we did as rookies.

A statement from Manish Kumar, Examiner, CGL13 batch in his own words:
“I used to mark the answers on the practice question paper and evaluate it there only. Why? Because I was not having any OMR sheet format with me. So, while I was stupidly happy in getting good score, my actual score in my first attempt suffered by atleast (-)10 marks as I was not factoring the 10-12 minutes required to fill my responses on the OMR sheet.”

Sadly, most coaching centers conducting Mock tests are using outdated and obsolete OMR sheets while SSC uses a different OMR pattern.Eg: SSC’s OMR has perfect circles for answers while the coaching centers uses Oval circles. This looks like a very small thing, but use both sheets in two different tests and you will realize the difference. Why not use the actual format and be comfortable instead of adopting 2 different formats?

So, here is a little secret sharing from SSCtube; SSC has uploaded actual OMR sheet this time. Please download it, get a printout and 20-30 photocopies of that print out (the entire exercise will cost you only Rs.20 and you can get it done in your regular trips to market) and use this in your mock practice. The OMRs by some coaching centers are different from that of SSC. So, download the official OMR format in PDF format from this link and use it for every mock you attempt now.

SSC Offical OMR Download link

Get this task of arranging hard copies of this OMR sheet that we are sharing with you.
Stay tuned as we have another post in the pipeline; “The Art of Filling your OMR sheet: Quickly and Correctly

Meanwhile if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to shoot it and we shall try to provide you the best remedy.
Share this info with your friends, because ‘Sharing is Caring‘.

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