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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience JNU Life Sciences- 1st July, CR Region




Interview Experience: Alok Anand

Venue: SSC CR, Allahabad
Background: Life Sciences/Biology, first attempt at CGL
Date of Interview: 01-07-2015, 08:00 am 


It was my first attempt. I was the Second member of Board-2 on that day.
Interview started at around 10:10 am

(I feel a little nervous in Interview. I have tried my best to recollect virtually everything that happened in the Interview room. After document verification and other official formalities, I was told to wait outside the room no. 02. At around 10:05 am the first candidate came out of the interview room. He gave a disappointing appearance to me and said “Uff Technical ne le li aaj meri”. I crossed my fingers and prayed to the Almighty God. The attender asked me to wait for the bell. After a few minutes, the bell rang. I took a deep breath and opened the door)

Me – May I came in Sir?
Ch – Yes, Sure with a smiling face.

I went inside and wished Good Morning Ma’am.
Panel consisted of: Chairman (Ch), Two female members (F1, F2) and one male member (M1)

The Chairman said Please take your seat, I said thank you very much Sir and took my seat.
Ch – So you are from JNU?
Me – Yes sir.

Ch – Your name is Alok Anand. Sounds quite Interesting!!!
Me – I smiled and nodded in positively saying Yes Sir.

Ch – Are you living in Bihar or Delhi right now?
Me – Sir I am in Patna right now. I left Delhi in 2013.

Ch – Ok ok! (Looking at my bio data sheet) He said, you seem highly qualified. NET and GATE qualified.
Ch – Why SSC then? Why not PhD?
Me(I was expecting this question and had prepared myself) Sir, it was due to my personal reason. I have always dreamt of a job that can give me satisfaction, a job that has diversity inherent in it and also which has the quality of public service.

Ch – Ok! Why don’t you apply for UPSC then?
Me – Sir I will aim for UPSC in coming years. But for the present, my aim is to be a part of our bureaucracy by becoming a Central Government Officer.

Ch – So, you have long term goals! Good?
Me – Yes Sir

Ch – He smiles. Tell me the difference between Country and Nation or are they same?
Me – Sir I am not very sure about it (the feeling of nervousness appears on my face)

Ch – You are a student of Life Sciences…. Tell me What is Drug Designing?
Me – Answered. He seems satisfied.

Ch – In Older days how was drug designed ?
Me – Answered but it was not upto the mark….. then he corrected and gave a lengthy lecture.

Ch – Looking at my hobbies (Internet Surfing)… Why is this Rainbow filter in news on Facebook.
Me – Answered about LGBT rights fight for their fundamental rights.

Ch – What is India’s stand on this matter?
Me – Answered

Ch – What is your opinion on this matter?
Me – Answered quite well. He seemed satisfied.

Now he points to M1

M1 – Ok..Alok tell me what is this Blackout phase in Mars Mission.
Me(I was lucky as I had read it on SSCTube. Kudos to you Guys) I told in a flow.

M1 – What is Digital India?
Me(Easy Pickings for me) Told for a long then realized that I have to cut short my answer.

M2 – Who is the first VC of JNU?
Me – Sir, G. Parthasarthy.

M2 – There is a famous place in JNU after his name. What is that?
Me – Sir, Its PSR Rocks

M2 – What happens there?
Me – Sir, It’s a place to chill out with colleagues.

M2 – Smilingly asks have you chilled out or not?
Me – Sir, Many times.

M2 – Ok. Ok. That is a good place I have heard a lot about this place. Tell me the last documentary that you watched (Hobby related question)
Me – Sir, I watched a documntry Depicting the bad living conditions in Naxal Affected Areas on DD National. Also briefed a little on the same.

M2 – Have you visited any such place in Bihar?
Me – No Sir

Now He points to F1 (She is an old lady)

F1(smilingly) Polity padhe ho?
Me – Yes maam.

F1 – Constitution kab adopt hua tha?
Me(cake walk) 26 Nov 1949 (told in confidence)

F1 – Ok. Chairman of Drafting Committee?
Me – Maam. Dr. B R Ambedkar

F1 – What is Global warming?
Me – Answered.

F1 – Questions on Ozone depletion?
Me(These were general questions nso anybody good at General Studies can answer this) By this time I was sweating a lot. I was feeling the heat of Interview.

F1 – Fundamental Rights ka source kya hai?
Me – USA. Bill of rights.

Then she heads towards F2

F2 – What is the effect of Globalisation on a common man?
Me – Maam, In a short I must say that Due to this Globalisation we can access foreign products or foreigners can access our products. (All of them laughed at this juncture. I too smiled)

F2 – What is CFC?
Me – Maam, it is Chloro Fluoro Carbon. Refrigerators use this as cooling substance.

F2 – Good! Which subject did you like in your Graduation?
Me – Mam. Neuroscience.

F2 – Ok. What is Brain stem? Name other parts of Brain?
Me – Answered

F2 – Which Book u had studied?
Me – Maam Kandel.

F2 – Ok. What is the name of Central Bank in India.
Me – RBI

F2 – Who is the Governor.
Me – Raghuram Rajan.

F2 – What are Nationalised Banks.
Me – Told but not convincingly.

F2 – What are Commercial Banks?
Me – Told about the Schedule 2 of RBI Act.

F2 – Do you have a bank account?
Me – Yes Maam
F2 – She smiles and points to Chairman.

Now, Chairman says OK Alok. You Interview is Over.
At last He said “ALL the BEST”. I thanked them and came out of the room. I felt much much relaxed. Though I was expecting questions on my home state Bihar. But they did not ask. Overall I felt satisfied.

One answer regarding UPSC attempt, I am in a doubt whether I should have said NO on UPSC attempt or should have given an indirect answer. Whatever be the result, The Experience was amazing.



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