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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 3rd July, SR Region

Ragahvendra Karnati

(Attended Interview on 3rd July 2015 at South Region)
There are 3 male members (Ch, M1, M2) and 1 Female.

Wished them Good Evening.
Ch- Take your seat
Me- Thank you sir
Ch- Raghavendra you are from Nalgonda. What is Nalgonda famous for?
Me- Nalgonda is famous for Silk Industry. Pochampally and Puttapaka sarees are famous worldwide. It is famous for Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and also for Yadagiri Gutta Temple where Lord Laxmi Narasimha Swamy is prayed.
Ch- Tell me about your Parents?
Me- My father weaves silk sarees and my mother supports all the other works to my father which are needed to weave a saree.
Ch- What are all the types of silk?
Me- Malbari silk, Tussar Silk and Kathan Silk.
Ch- There are few more, try to think?
Me- (after thinking for few seconds) Sorry sir. I don’t know.
Ch- How do we get silk?
Me- By silkworms. They produces some cocoons and from that actual silk is made.
Ch- There are some other places in India famous for silk? Can you tell?
Me- Tamil nadu is famous for Kanchipuram Sarees.
Ch- Any other?
Me- (after few seconds ) I don’t know sir. (He told about Benaras sarees)
Ch- In how many days a saree can be weaved?
Me- It depends on the quality and design of a saree. There are some sarees which can be weaved in 5 days and there are some which takes 45 to 50 days.
Ch- How much a person earns per day?
Me- It again depends on saree and efficiency of the person. There are some who can earn 1000 per day. On an average one can earn 500
Ch- Where do you get the raw material? And what all you do for that?
Me- Explained clearly.
M1- Who is Iron man of India?
Me- He is Mr.Sardar Vallabhai Patel
M1- Who was First Deputy Prime Minister?
Me- (after few seconds) He is again the same person Mr. Sardar Vallabhai patel
M1- What is Map from Maths point of view?
Me- Sorry sir. I don’t know Maps in Maths. But I know from computer point of view. I explained. He told the same even in Maths. But some differences he explained.
M1- What is Demorgans Law?
Me- Told
M1- What are all types of gates?
M1- What is the difference between OR & AND?
Me- Explained
M1- What is By condition?
Me- I don’t know sir
M1- What is Tortoism?
Me- Told
M1- What is its contradiction?
Me- Sir I know its name in Telugu medium. I could not recall what it is to be said in English. The other person (M2) asked to tell in Telugu Medium as he knew Telugu language (Virodhabasam).

F1- Is there any naxalites problem in Nalgonda?
Me- Yes mam. But comparing to earlier scenario, it got reduced a lot.
F1- How it got reduced? What you can do for its reduction?
Me- By creating awareness and providing some education etc.
F1- Tell me little bit more?
Me- I don’t know.
M2- He asked more about my current organization duties. What is shared folder structure?
Me- I explained clearly.
M2- What is the basic requirement for it? How the authentication will be done?
Me- Explained all.
M2- What is diff b/w Internet site and Intranet site?
Me- Again explained clearly.
Ch- How can u tell that your site is good one?
Me- Based on the number of hits.
CM- How many hits your site so far?
Me- Sorry sir, we are not capturing it. But while searching for some content in google search engine, if our site link appears in 1st page we can tell that is good. And told some more like that.
M2- What are all the agencies that supports Weaving Industry?
Me- Aapco industry.
M2- Any other?
Me- I don’t know sir.
M2- Are there any organisations at Village level?
Me- Yes sir. Handlooms Weaver Society where we can get Health cards and small amount of loans.
M2- Do you have any registrations in that?
Me- Yes sir. Me and even my parents also had previously. But It got cancelled by them a year back as I got Govt job where I get CGHS facility.
All smiled.
Ok Raghavendra, you can leave.
Me: Thank you sirs and madam

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