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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 3rd July, SR Region

Bharat Kumar Vennala

My Interview Experience
Date: 3rd July 2015
SSC SR- Board I
Members- 1 Chairperson (m1), another male (m2), 2 females (f1,f2)
Time: 25 mins
Background: B.E. Computer Science

I asked for their permission and entered and greeted each person.
Chairperson asked me to be seated.

First five minutes it was more like casual talk- all questions asked by Chairperson only.

M1: So you are from BITS Pilani. What is the exam to get admitted to BITS?
Me: We need to clear BITSAT exam sir.
M1: Didn’t you join any Private firm after graduation?
Me: No sir.
M1: What were you doing after graduation?
Me: I was preparing for Competitive exams sir. (He asked IAS? I replied Yes)
M1: What is your Civil’s optional?
Me: Sociology sir.
M1: What is the reason for your failure even after giving 3 attempts?
Me: I think I am not putting enough effort sir.
M1: Civils is a tough exam, you need luck too.
Me: More than luck I blame myself sir. I should put more effort.
M1: Yes, but luck is a negligible factor.

Most questions were casual, some about my marital status, told him about my engagement so he asked me about my would be.
I was told that for the next 15 minutes we will be asking you questions from different fields. You are from BITS Pilani, so we are expecting some good answers.

M2: What is your favorite subject in General Studies (from my civil’s preparation)
Me: Polity sir.
M2: What about Economics?
Me: I am ok with Economics sir.
M2: Ok I will ask from economics. What is the difference between growth and development?
Me: Growth is based on GDP while development is not just economic but overall development of the people.
M2: What should be done for overall development of the people?
Me: More funds should be spent on social schemes sir. Also skill should be imparted with focus on creation of more jobs.
M2: What is Globalisation? What is the impact of Globalisation on India?
(I was answering in positive way but he wanted negative, later he himself gave example of Pepsi and Goli Soda)
Pepsi is an MNC which demolished local brand Goli Soda. Goli soda disappeared completely.
Me: Goli Soda didn’t disappear completely sir. There are still people who prefer Goli Soda. Pepsi did effect local brands but they did not disappear completely.
M2: What is Liberalisation?
Me: Liberalising the economy by removing the bottle necks in import export policy.
M2: Who frames import export policy? Under which ministry does that department comes?
Me: Ministry of finance (Wrong answer)
M2: Its Directorate of trade. Under which ministry does it come?
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know.
M2: Its Ministry of commerce. Who is the Minister of State for Commerce?
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know.
M2: She is from your state only. (Then I remembered)
Me: Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman sir.
M2: Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee for framing the Constitution?
Me: Dr. B.R.Ambedkar sir.
M2: Who attended all three round table conferences and why?
Me: Again Dr. B.R.Ambedkar sir. He represented the down trodden classes and he believed that these classes can develop only with the British help. (Don’t know whether its right or wrong)
M2: What was Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s view on India’s economic policy?
Me: (Babbled something about being liberal at the same time being socialist. Guessed it, didn’t knew the answer)

F1: When did our Constitution came into force?
Me: Jan 26th 1950 mam.
F1: What is the significance of January 26th?
Me: Apart from being Republic day I don’t know mam.
F1: When was ‘Poorna Swaraj’ resolution passed?
Me: Sorry mam I don’t know.
F1: You wrote articles in magazines on social issues. What did you write about recently?
Me: Secularism mam.
F1: What is a secular state?
Me: State should not be involved in any religious activities, such state is Secular state and in my opinion India is not a secular state.
F1: Why do you think so?
Me: State is providing subsidies to Haj Yatra Piligrims and also it is taking care of the temples. So how can we call ourselves secular?
F1: With serious expression– ‘Well that is your personal opinion which need not be right.’ What is the meaning of social institution?
Me: An institution which integrates the people of a society is social institution.
F1: Name any social institution?
Me: Family mam.
F1: Which one is better nuclear family or joint family?
Me: Joint family mam as there will be collective effort and shared resources so all will develop.
F1: What is the impact of caste in society?
Me: It has both positive and negative role. Though it is divisive at most times, people of a particular caste help their own caste people to develop. So in a way caste too is aiding development.

F2: (I don’t know why but she asked all questions from chemistry only. I hardly remember any chemistry now!)
F2: What is electrophile? What is nucleophile?
F2: What is the difference between metal and non metal elements?
F2: What is the formula for Alkane and Alkene? Example of Alkene?
F2: What is polarisation?
(I hardly answered 3 questions. I think she understood I don’t remember any chemistry and left)

M1: You will become a government officer one day. So you should not reveal controversial opinions in public. English is a difficult language. So secular can be interpreted in many ways.
(I did not wanted to drag it. So I just agreed with him.)

M1: What is your first preference? Why?
Me: Assistant in MEA sir as I feel there are enough people to help people living in India and I want to help Indian Diaspora. (Again he made some comments like people of India should be given priority whether living in India or abroad)

M1: Among the hobbies mentioned which is your favorite one?
Me: Reading novels sir.
M1: Which novel did you read recently? Who is the author? What is the novel about?
Me: Heroes of Olympus sir. Author name is Rick Rordan. It is a fantasy novel mixing Greek mythology with modern world.
M1: Ok. All the best.

I thanked everyone and left. (In between he complimented my smile and dressing. But I think I messed it up with my controversial answer)

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