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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 30 June 2015 , MPR Panel

Name : Himanshu

Graduation: BTech
Region: SSCMPR
Panel: 4members (2M, 2F)
M1: What is your name?
M1: Tell about your family?
M1: What is OROP?
M1: Any sports personality in cabinet?
M1: Have you read today’s newspaper?
M1: What was the headline?
M1: A few more current happenings?
M1: Number of nationalized banks?
M1: Name any 5 nationalized banks?
M1: Where Napoleon died?
M1: Who were peshwas?
M1: Where they ruled?
M1: I will take name of states and you have to tell the name of a river that flows through it- Gujrat, J&K, Uttarnchal, Maharastra, Orissa

L1: Independence day of Pakistan?
L1: Why it is celebrated of 14th aug?
L1: At what time India’s independence declaration was made?
L1: President of drafting committee?
L1: Name of any other member of drafting committee?
L1: President of constituent assembly?
L1: Who was Subash Chandra Bose?
L1: Was there any difference b/w Indian National Army and Indian Army at that time?
L1: How SC Bose formed INA and who supported him?
L1: Can you tell me about Sardar Patel?
L1: How he reunited princely states?
L1: What was the issue in J&K?
L1: How many princely states where there at the time of freedom?

L2: How rainbow is formed?
L2: Sequence of colour in rainbow?
L2: Why colours are arranged in that format in rainbow?
L2: What is refraction?
L2: In case of denser to rarer medium which way ray will bend?
L2: What is friction?
L2: Why is it difficult to walk on beaches as compared to roads?

M2: E-R diagram(database)?
M2: Properties which are followed while designing database?
M2: What is normalization?
M2: What is OTP?
M2: Who sends it?
M2: How servers deal with multiple requests and how it communicates with client?
M2: Asked about some model in software engineering

Asked a few more technical questions which I am unable to recall as I answered only a few of them(around 20-30%)

Was able to answer 75-80% questions except the technical guy (M2). M2 was young and probably teaching CS in some college.

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