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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 2nd July , SSC CR , M.Tech

Anshuman Jaiswal

Background BE- Mtech
Interviewing jury: 3M + 1F
Before interview started, I was called for interview but my document verification wasn’t over. So actually people rushed me upto the interview room. Even there I was rather (in a scolding tone) asked about the delay.

“Kaha the itne der?”
Baith jao

Ch- Started from schooling and little stuff around it….nothing in detail
M1- Asked about NCC as I had attended a camp
Ch- Asked about my language for interview—-English medium

F1- Samprabhuta ka arth vyakt kijiye?
F1- Fundamental Rights?

Ch- Went through hobbies and complete resume but did not ask any question from profile

# M2-
Q1. Asked about Mechanical Engineering
Q2. 3 parameters which we measure/ work?
Q3. Gibbs function?
Q4. Carnot cycle?
Q5. Efficiency?
Q6. Why it has max efficiency?

# Ch
Q1. Asked about PRI— How many levels of government we have in Panchayati Raj Institutions.
(which I didn’t answer coz it would have led me to uncharted territories)
Q2. What is All India Services?
Q3. Highest rank an IAS officer can attain
Q4. Foreign secretary
Q5. Difference between High commissioner and Ambassador

F1- Agar aapke maulik adhikaaro ka hanan hota hai to aap kya karege?

# M1
Q1. Renewable energy k baare mei batayiye?
(I answered Solar, Hydro, Nuclear)
Q2. Applications of solar (solar panels, lights, railway buildings, railway trains, Solar Impulse plane)
Q3. Explain the process of hydro electricity generation
Q4. Enquired about NCC head of my region


Even after that there was a curtain well placed on the door in order to hide what is written on it (PUSH/PULL). Had to use both hands to see and then pulled the door and got out.

Interview was a contrast between what I wanted to tell and what they wanted to ask. I did not go where they wanted me to go and neither they asked me much about my profile, current, IR, economy except POLITY. The hindi questions made me nervous and also created a small barrier in communication but once the tech questions started I answered with much better confidence. I think I did the correct thing by not answering PRI question but at the same time by not answering it I think I made a mess in the middle of the interview as the chairman was adamant on pushing me there. I did not play with my fingers but my voice broke at times especially when the communication got tough and I became nervous; at times irritated (because after asking the mode of communication, questions kept on coming in Hindi after a gap of few minutes) as well but I kept on by answering whichever answer I knew. It was difficult to move from one topic as they insisted on the answer even when I said no/not sure.














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