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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 2nd July, SR Region

Naresh Ch

Interview Date: 02/07/2015
Place: Chennai
Time 12:50
Duration 20 mins
Panel: Chairman, 2 Male Members and 1 Female Member

Some of the questions asked:
Chairman(Ch):- Seeing your biodata form, I am so happy to see a MBA Graduate in the interview, nobody since morning is an MBA graduate.
You are so young and fresh, done your MBA from Osmania University very good of you.

Ch- Tell me some of the union ministers from Karnataka state and their portfolios (I am from Telangana state but was asked about Karnataka)
Me- Told Sadananda Gowda (chairman interrupted me and told Shri. Sadananda Gowda). I told earlier he was Railway minister but now his portfolio is changed and I am unable to recall sir

Ch- Ok ok. any more?
Me- Shri.Anantha kumar, chemicals and fertilizers

Ch- Who is the HRD minister
Me- Smriti Irani,
Ch- Correct me, saying Smt. Smiti Irani

Ch- Tell me nationalized insurance companies in India.
Me- LIC of India, and General life insurance, and NICL

Ch- Which organization regulates bank in India?
Me- Told it as RBI & SEBI

Ch- What are the functions of RBI?
Me- Controlling inflation in the country and check cash inflow and outflow in the country

Ch- What have you done after your B.Tech (there was one year gap from 2012 to 2013)
Me- Answered

Ch- How do you feel working in postal department, you have joined postal dept. recently. Right? (as I am working as Postal assistant from April )
Me- Answered


#M1:- so you are recently passed MBA graduate (as I passed my MBA in May 2015 itself )

M1- Tell me what is Operations research
Me- Sorry sir

M1- What are the uses of Laplace transform?
Me- Sorry sir

M1- What is LPP
Me- Sorry sir

M1- What is Fourier transform?
Me- Sorry sir

M1- What is one tail test and two tail test?
Me- Sorry sir

M1- You are recently passed out guy you should be knowing them!
Me- Sorry sir, I did not concentrate much on MBA as I was preparing completely for SSC CGL

M2- What is Public debt
Me: Answered but wrongly

M2- How do companies raise money
Me- Through IPOs, selling of bonds, selling of certificates

M2- What is business ethics?
Me- Told

M2- Why is it necessary to have ethics in business?
Me- Explained

M2- My opinion on maggi regarding ethics?
Me- Explained in detail

#M3 (female):——-

M3- Tell me about Telangana
Me- Told her in brief

M3- Name a Nizam of Hyderabad state?
Me- Answered

M3- Tell me some of the UNESCO World heritage sites in India
Me- Told a few

M3- What is sovereignty
Me- Told

M3- Which type of Sovereignty exists in India?
Me- Sorry mam


Ch- What is your ultimate goal?
Me- Told about UPSC

Ch- So you are already selected as tax assistant in CBDT in 2013, good! But, I think you still didn’t get the joining, right?
Me: Yes sir we waiting for it

Ch- How did you commute here to Chennai?
Me- By Chennai express train sir

Ch- So did you see the Chennai express movie? Who were the leading cast?
Me- Told

OK, we are done with your interview
All the best
Me- Thank you sir

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