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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 2nd July, NWR Panel , EEE


Jul 2nd, 10:27pm

2 M + 1 F

B. Tech (EEE)

# M1

Q1- Difference between Electronics and Electrical Engineering?

A- Told

Q2- Electrons and Holes?

A- Told

Q3- AC & DC Difference

A- Told

Q4- Why AC used in homes and not DC?

A- Told

Q5- What is voltage in home?

A- 240 V

Q6- Why 240 volts?

A- Sorry sir

Q7- Transmission and distance losses?

A- Explained with example like Corona Loss

Q8- Which is generated: AC or DC?


Q9- Are you sure?

A- Yes Sir (M1 over and handed over to M2)

# M2- No question asked, just busy looking down in his phone?

(Shifted from M2 to F1)

# F1 (I wrote about motivate for Swachch Bharat Abhiyan. So on that basis, she started)

Q1- Any other cleanliness project by Govt for Ganga?

A- Yes mam, Namami Gange

Q2- So any Ministry also set up for that?

A- Yes mam, a ministry is also set up and Minister for the same is Uma Bharti Ji

Q3- Any other river in world which is also cleaned?

A- Sorry Mam (Then she told Thames river in England) I said Thank you mam

Q4- Ok, so capital of Switzerland?

A- Told Stockholm (which is capital of Sweden and not Switzerland)

Q5- Are you sure?

A- Mam shayad. Not sure!

Q6- Ok. So who is RBI governor?

A- Told

Q7- RBI work?

A- Told

Q8- What is the difference between Repo and Reverse Repo rate?

A- 1%

Q9- Which amongst the two is higher?

A- Repo rate

Q10- Who is the current Finance minister?

A- Told

Q11- Last Finance Minister?

A- Sorry mam, don’t know

Q12- Any PM who was also FM in past?

A- Yes mam, our ex-PM in 1991 (focused on 1991 as I prepared that, wanted to divert questions on that)

Q13- So what is special about 1991?

A- Told about Balance of Payment problem, low foreign exchange. So India went to IMF and new Economic Policy Reforms introduced. And all this was also known as LPG policy (F1 was especially wanting to hear the LPG terminology)

Q14- So what is IMF?

A- Told

Q15- Any news about this in current scenario?

A- Yes mam, controversy over Greece. Told about loan and all and the defaulting of loan.

Q16- What happens if any nation is announced defaulter?

A- Mam rating will decrease and thus the investments.

Q17- What will be the new currency for Greece?

A- Mam it will be Euro only. Greece is a part of Euro club, if they get out of the club… (interrupted by F1)

Q18- Ok, if Greece gets out of the Euro club then what currency?

A- Sorry mam.

F1: She told that its old currency will be there if it’s done (Drachma)

Me: Ok. Thank you mam.

Then they told me, Ok Bhupinder, you may leave. I said thank you to all.

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