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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience- 27 June 2015 , Chandigarh(NWR) , M.Pharma

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Interview experinence shared by Vishad Gupta
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Place : Chandigarh,
Date – 27.06.2015, 
Education- M.Pharmacy
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4 panel members 2M, 2 F
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I entered the room and one female left the room but later she come back I greeted by saying good afternoon mam and good afternoon sir.
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Chairman told u worked as chemist in fda lab . .. Punjab mae ..i said nhi sir haryana lab mae then he commented on lab Jo 11 Mae hai lab Chandigarh Mae ..WO to bohot gandi hai aur na hi usme koi kaam karne wala dikhta hai … Sir ab to thodi saaf ho gayi hai and mostly ladies workers hai wahan so wo beech 2 Mae ghar chali jaati hain. ..Chairman said “okay”
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A: stands for My Answer to their Questions
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M1 – What is environment?
A: Plants and animals make it ..aur kuch nhi aata ..i told sir it consist of biotic and abiotic components. Biotic living and abiotic nonliving
M1 Abiotic mae kya aata hai
A: Sir non living things like wastes ..then he said soil air aate hain …yes sir topography related components aate hain M1 wht is biodiversity and how it relate with pharma?
A: biodiversity is broad term made up of diverse plant varieties. And pharmacy is preparing and dispensping drugs .. Sir pharmacy mae pharmacognosy aati hai that deals with wide plant varieties in their crude and natural form.
M1: Plant kon sae use hote hain dawai Mae use hote hain?
A: I said neem, jamun, asoka M1: asoka ka kya use hai I said strength and stamina provide karta hai
M1: kon sa component hai …
A: I said sir don’t know but its biological source asoka indica hai ..sorry saraca indica hai ..saraca indica hai .. Yes sir ..
M1: lizard ghar Mae kyu hoti hai and iska kaam kya hai ?
M1: what is food chain ?
M1: what is diff btw man made and natural environment ?
M2: Algae se pharma drugs Jo banti hai konsi hai and koi company batao
A: I told sir algae ki agracum and Ulva varieties use hoti hai but I don’t know the name of drugs .. M2: kon company batao
A: Sir pata nhi …
M2:India Mae banti hai Shayad
A: sir pata nhi
Then he told chairman Chandigarh Mae 2-3 companies hain Jo algae sae dawaii banati hai
M2: Patent kya hai and how many years issued ?
M2: India copy karke USA ki dawaii banati hai to kya patent ka fyada?
L1: Home minister?
A: Mr. Rajnath singh then said sorry sh. Rajnath singh
L1: ur hobby travelling Kaha recent Mae ghume ho ?
A: Mumbai and Goa
L1: Goa pehle kiske under tha
L1 : kab tha aadhin tha unke under
L1: work out sae related Abhi kuch India Mae tha?
A: yoga day 21 June
L1: yoga ko govt kaise promote kar rhi hai
A: day banaya hai, PM Modi UN gaye the waha unhone yoga diwas banane ka advice diya .. Yoga mentally, physically and spiritual apko relax karti hai
L1: I m asking govt kya kar rhi hai yoga kae liye
A: Sir govt ko policies banai chayiae to promote it .last Mae bola mam Ayush dept hai
L1: Samriti Irani NAE yoga day par kya statement di hai ?
A: Sorry mam, I don’t know ..
L1: Kuch bola ho..
A: mam bola hoga but I didn’t read it ..
(Hint di ki she announced to do yoga in schools) …
L1: what type of schools ?
A: Mam pata nhi ..
she answered kendriya vidyala hain
L2: highest civilian award
A: Bharat ratna
L2: kisko mila
A: atal bihari vajpayi and madan mohan malviya ji
L2: madan mohan malviya kon thae ..kya kiya unhone
A: established BHU And played imp role in Indian revolution and freedom
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Then Chairman said  u can go now.
Wished them.. thanks sir .thanks mam I left the room peeche awaz aa rhi thi vishad tha na iska naam ..
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