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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 26th June, ER Region

Chandan Singh

Interview Date: 26/06/2015
Interview Place: Nizam Palace, Kolkata
Qualification: B.Tech in ECE
There were 2 Panels; my panel comprised Chairman (Ch), Female (F1) & 2 Sirs (M1 & M2)

Ch: Why SSC jab B.Tech kiye ho?
M1: Draw the symbol of Zener Diode
M1: Draw the symbol of NPN transistor
M1: Write the truth table of AND, OR and ExOR gates
M1: What are opto couplers?
M1: What is the frequency band of L band, C band?
F1: Kuch batao Green Revolution and White Revolution k bare me
F1: Kaha start hua tha White Revolution?
F1: SAARC ka main function kya hai?
F1: European Union ka function kya hai?
F1: Satyarthi ka naam sune ho?
F1: Saath me Nobel Peace aur kisko mila?
F1: Kyu mila?
F1: Green Revolution related koi international company bahot news me hai, uske bare me batao
M2: What is Transducer?
M2: What is Treadmill?
M2: What is used in a Digital Sphygmomanometer?
M2: What is the currency of China, Japan, Bangladesh, Singapore?
Ch: IES try kiye the?
Ch: Latest Wireless Technology?
Ch: Full form of SIM?
Ch: Full form of GSM?
Ch: Full form of NIA?

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Thank you so much MIDIMILLA VIJAYA LAKSHMI for sharing your valuable Interview Experience with all …

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  1. Sorry to point out this minor thing leaving all your good efforts.
    KKR region stands for kerala-karnataka region for which interviews are getting started today i.e 15th July.
    Kolkata..i think comes under ER region. Title of the post may be corrected.

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