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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience- 2 July 2015 , Lucknow

Interview Experience by Pronit Sengupta
Part I : BIO DATA FORM Filled with every detail tried not to left any column Blank….Arranged all the possible certificates in the order….Candidates who are working do COLLECT YOUR NOC from ur respective department…(to be on safe side)
PART II : D-DAY (Prologue session)
Place : LUCKNOW, Board V . Sr. No. 5
First Document Verification: U have to write a lot during filling ur Attendance form (Plz carry good pen)…Writing in Hindi and English both and a LOT OF WRITING….to get ur handwriting.. You will be given Online Attendance sheet data collect that and wait for ur Call.
Time: 10:40
Opened the door and seek permission to enter politely.
Board of FOUR Members 3M + 1F
Greeted them all, then took my seat.
First Chairman (He was seniormost among all and very humble)
C: Pronit Sengupta …Working in Indian Audit and Accounts Department as an Auditor ..?
Me: Yes Sir.
C: Tell me who was the First CAG of India.
Me: I was Blank… No answer Politely said Sorry Sir…Don’t KNow..!
C: Ok tell me How old is Indian Audit and Accounts Department ??
Me: Couldn’t remember..Got again sir not sure sir..
C: Ok Is CAG is a constitutional body..?
Me: Yes sir .
C: Why..?
Me: It has been included in our constitution under article 148 .
C: 148 to ???
Me: Sir 150 (in a hesitant voice)
C: Not Sure ??
Me: Yes sir not sure…
C: U have learnt Classical singing ??
Me : yes sir…
C: U do music composing ? that’s great..How?
Me: Sir I compose for my personal interest and i use Music Software for that.
C: Ok What is the difference between ‘thaat’ and Raag….
Me: Answered …On base of thaat raag is composed …gave an example..
C: Name one Classical Singer Vocal.
Me: Sir Pt. Bhimsen Joshi
C: No no Nowadays in current MALE singer classical..
Me: Sir Can’t remember…(How silly of me should’ve said atleast one name)
Chairman asked the lady to ask
F: U r currently working in IAAD tell me one positive experience and one negative experience?
Me: Mam I’m looking forward to pursue my career in Govt sector.It gave me an introduction to Govt apart from work i learnt many things like how to be in Govt service…working culture and all positive experiences…One negative ..mmm (i was silent)
F: Anything negative …any one thing..
Me: The task which has been assigned till now was not as challenging which i’m capable of . Now the Baton was passed to technical member
M1: So Electronics and Communication ??
Me: Yes sir.
M1: What is rectifier..?
Me: Answered.
M1: what is Antenna ?
Me: Answered
M1: What is a Signal…? What are the types of signal?
Me: Explained…
M2: Difference between Analog and Digital.
Me: Answered Now the last one(the toughest one)
M2: What is Black money?
Me: Answered But not in a confident manner…still explained..
M2: Name any two scams which CAG revealed..?
Me: 2G and Coal
M2: Why these scams r not that much in news..
Me: Initially there was uproar due to the opposition and sir it is still in processing and materialising… but not in news..
M2: How can u identify Black money from ur auditing..?
Me: (That was a real bouncer) Said honestly …Sir i don’t know much how to take on Black Money in Auditing but we can check the misappropriation of taxes like VAT /TDS…
All of them Ok u may go now
I said Thank You sir Thank you MAM…
Overall it was a great experience i would rate my interview an avereage one…could have done better but still i tried my best….All the Best to all aspirants who are waiting for their interview day.
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