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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 14th July, Chennai, Botany & Zoology

Thank you so much MIDIMILLA VIJAYA LAKSHMI for sharing your valuable Interview Experience with all through SSCTUBE.

As we find very less Interview Experiences of students from Botany and Zoology Background , this is will be greatly helpful to the candidates with such Background.



Interview Date & Place : 09-07-2015, Chennai
Reporting Time : 11.00 am
I was the last (20th) member of Board-1 on that day.
Interview started around 3.40pm


I am from B.Sc (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry) background. My education was in telugu medium, including graduation. Though I am good at written English, I feel nervous while speaking in English. That’s why I took 2 to 3 seconds time in answering some questions(denoting here with dots….)to remember the words, subject in English and the sentences are also not perfect in some cases. Here I am writing what I have said in the interview room.

After document verification I was waiting in the room. At around 3.15pm the 19th candidate entered the interview room. The attender asked me to come and sit outside the interview room. I went there with my certificates and pen. I took my seat there and I was waiting for my turn. There was other guy sitting outside board two room. I have recalled the information that I have mentioned in my biodata form. I was feeling little bit nervous, for a while I have hummed a song in order to be cool (My hobby is listening and singing songs, It makes me cool).

At around 3.35pm the 19th member came outside and wished me all the best with a smiling face. (Last person to wish) After 2 to 3 minutes the bell rang and the attender asked me to go inside.

I stood up and take a deep breath and opened the door, said excuse me sir!
The chairman said yes, come in with a smiling face.

I went inside and wished Good afternoon Sirs (Chairman and two other male members – M2, M3), Good afternoon Madam (One lady – FM)

The Chairman said take your seat, I said thank you sir and took my seat. He asked me to sign in the attendance seat. I put my signature there.

Chairman: So Vijaya Lakshmi you are from Kadapa District?
Me: Yes sir.

Chairman: Now you are in Kadapa or any other place?
Me: Sir actually my parents are in Kadapa. Me and my brothers are in Hyderabad for the past two years for preparation.

Chairman: Are you taking any coaching there?
Me: Coaching was completed last year sir. Now we are just preparing.

Chairman: What differences have you observed, You have resided in two states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana?
Me: Sir, I didn’t find any difference.

Chairman: No difference!
Me: Sir actually the place where we are in Hyderabad we don’t find much difference. Because many people from all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana come there for preparation. But if we go far from that area the main difference we can see is the language accent.

Chairman: Then why all these? Why they asked for a separate state?
Me: Sir the people of Telangana felt that injustice was done to them, that’s why they asked for a separate state.

Chairman: What injustice they felt?
Me: Sir they felt that injustice was done in Govt. jobs, recruitments……,govt. colleges etc.,

Chairman: Why they felt like that?
Me: Sir according to article 371D there is a provision that some percentage of jobs in each region should be allocated to them. But Telangana people felt that it was not done……correctly.

Chairman: Article 371D, where is it? Indian Penal Code?
Me: No sir, It is in Indian Constitution.

Chairman: When was the Constitution adopted?
Me: Sir, it is on November 26, 1949.

Chairman: Are you sure?
(I am sure and I wanted to tell the same. But chairman asked other question before I answered.)

Chairman: Do you know when we celebrate Republic Day?
(I got confused. So I answered in the following manner in order to cover it)
Me: Sir I am in confusion, there are two dates – November 26, 1949 and January 26, 1950. On one day it was adopted and the other it came into force. If I am correct it is November 26 sir.
Chairman: Gave a smile.

M3: What are the salient features of Indian Constitution?
Me: (Though I know the answer I didn’t get it quickly. So I managed with what I get) Sir, Indian constitution says that it is Republic. Indian Constitution is semi-federal in nature that is quasi-federal. Though we have a federal constitution we have single citizenship. Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties are some important features of Indian Constitution.

Chairman: You said republic, Doesn’t it say democratic?
Me: Sir, It is democratic also. Indian Constitution….. Preamble says that it is Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic. (While I was saying the lady member said the 4 words along with me)

[Chairman said M2 to continue.]
M2: You have done graduation in B.Sc!
Me: Yes sir.

M2: I will ask you questions from Physics. Which is your favourite topic?
(Actually my graduation subjects are botany, zoology, chemistry. I wanted to tell it, but kept quiet as I was told by my brother that we should not ask excuses.
But the chairman told M2 that she studied physics in her intermediate long ago, her subjects are botany, zoology, chemistry.

M2 said ok. I felt happy, but it was shocking that he asked me nearly 10 questions from physics. So be prepared for shocks.)

M2: What is displacement?
Me: Sorry sir, I don’t know.(As he said ok for chairman I didn’t get that it is physics and thought that it is from my subjects. I haven’t heard it in my subjects so I said that I don’t know.)

M2: What is acceleration?
Me: ( Now I got it that he is asking physics only) The change of speed of an object from time to time is called acceleration, sir.

M2: What is Newton’s law of gravitation?
Me: Sir, Newton’s law of gravitation says that every object in the universe attracts other object with some force and he gave it value 9.8 meter square per second. (actually it is 9.8 meter per second square)

M2: What are ultrasonics?
Me: The sound waves which have higher speed than the speed of sound in air, sir.

M2: No. (M2 and Chairman both said that ultrasonics are the sounds which we can’t hear)
Me: Ok sir, thank you.

M2: What are isotopes?
Me: Sir, the molecules which have same atomic number but different mass number are called isotopes.

M2: What is carbon dating?
Me: Sir, carbon dating method is used to tell about the object to which time time it belongs to. It is done using carbon isotope sir.

M2: What is nuclear fission and nuclear fusion?
Me: Sir, in nuclear fission…

M2: Fission or fusion? (I think my pronounciation was not with clarity)
Me: Fission sir

M2: Ok. In nuclear fission a heavier molecule —
Me: In nuclear fission a heavier molecule divides into 2 small molecules whereas in nuclear fusion two smaller molecules combine to form a heavier molecule.

M2: Can you give an example for fission?
Me: Yes sir. Uranium divides into Thorium and other molecule.

M2: Can you give the atomic number and mass number of Uranium?
Me: Yes sir, atomic number is 92. Mass number is 238 and 235. But the fissile material is 235.

M2: What are the types of lenses?
Me: Sir there are 2 types of lenses. One is convex lens, the other one is…….(I am not getting the word in English, I know it in Telugu. )

Chairman: Concave lens.
Me: Thank you sir.

M2: What is the refraction formula for lenses?
Me: Sorry sir, I don’t know.

M2: Said some formula Sin pi (I don’t remember it now also)
(While M2 was saying the formula the chairman was laughing looking at me. I don’t know why he laughed, but it may for the reason that he is going deep in physics.)

M2: You have studied Botany, can you name a plant from Malvaceae Family?
Me: Sir, Abelmoschus esculentus that is ladies finger sir.

M2: What about Hibiscus? Is it not from Malvaceae?
Me: Sir, it also comes under Malavaceae.

M2: Examples for Fabaceae family?
Me: (I heard it as Babaceae. I don’t know about it. So I said ) Sorry sir, I don’t know.

Chairman: Is it Fabaceae? (pronounced clearly)
M2: Yes sir, and looked at me.

Me: Sir, Kajanus kajan…, cotton…, ground nut (I didn’t get them quickly, so I said slowly. But I remembered that cotton comes under Malvaceae.)

M2: Any other?
Me: Sorry sir, Now I am getting them only.
(Chairman: Smiled and with a low voice said arachis hypogia, while M2 asking the lady member to continue the interview)

FM: I will ask you from Botany.
Me: Ok madam.

FM: Can you name any two medicinal plants and which disease they cure?
Me: ……………..(I was getting Neem and Amla. But I forgot the diseases they cure. Then I got Rawulfia serpentaina) Madam Rawulfia serpentine.

FM: To cure?
Me: Heart diseases madam.

FM: Are you sure?
Me: Got nervous and said sorry madam, I am not sure.

FM: Ok. You have Indian Heritage and Culture as one of the subjects in your degree, what is meant by Heritage? (In first year we have a paper on that subject)
Me: The traditions which we acquire from our ancestors is called Heritage madam.

FM: What are the salient features in Indian Heritage and Culture?
Me: (Don’t know what to say) Madam, India is a diverse country.

FM: In what sense?
Me: Our heritage is very diverse, like we have different languages, different food habits…, different dressing styles. Like that we have many diversities madam.

FM: Ok. You have mentioned Fundamental Rights. What do you mean by Human Rights?
Me: The basic rights which we need to live are Human Rights madam.

FM: Those are not Fundamental Rights?
Me: No madam. If the Fundamental Rights are ……(didn’t get the word violated quickly) violated we can approach supreme court directly. But—-

FM: Interrupted and said – ok,we can’t directly go to supreme court if human rights are violated.
(FM looked at M3 to continue further)

M3: You said that there are different languages in India. There are about 3000 languages in world of which only some have dialects and some don’t have script. Only some have been recognized. Among all the languages one language is said to be sweetest and it is called as Italian of the East. Which is that sweet language?
Me: Sir, it is Telugu. (All of them laughed once.)

M3: I wanted to confuse by asking in a different way, but she said. (Madam told Sir it is called Sundara Telugu)

M3: You told what is Carbon Dating, What is Palaeo Botany?
Me: Sir, Palaeo Botany is the branch of science which studies about plant remains. (Plant fossils is the correct word, chairman told the word fossils with a low voice.)

M3: What is the scientific name of Rice?
Me: Sir, it is Oryza sativa.

M3: What is Periplaneta americana?
Me: It is Cockroach sir.

M3: Smiled and said you studied zoology. You have evolution topic?
Me: Yes sir.

M3: What is the theory of Darwin regarding evolution?
Me: Sorry sir, I am unable to get it. I forgot it. (Though I know the answer I didn’t get it at that time)

M3: He proposed the theory Origin of Species. What is meant by survival of the fittest?
Me: Sir Darwin made an experiment on Finch birds—–

M3: I want the definition.
Me: (I was unable to tell it in English, I know it in Telugu) Sorry sir, I am unable to express it.

M3: You can tell it from the name itself.
Me: The organisms which can survive all the difficulties of an area are survival of the fittest, sir.

M3: No, no. It is different.
(M3 looked at chairman and said ok, enough.)

Chairman: Ok Vijaya Lakshmi, you can go.
Me: Stood and said thank you sir.

Chairman: Are you doing Rock Climbing also?
(I have done a Rock Climbing Training Camp when I was in NCC in Graduation)
Me: No sir. I have done only in that camp.

Chairman: Only in the NCC… Ok, you can leave…
Me: Thank you sirs, Thank you madam
They all gave a smile and I came out calmly.


All the best!!  smile emoticon

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