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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 11th July, NR Region(Delhi), Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Thank you so much Vibhor for sharing your valuable Interview Experience with all through SSCTUBE.

As we find very less Interview Experiences of Medical students, this is will be greatly helpful to medical background Audience.

Name : Vibhor
Region : NR
Graduation : Bachelor of physiotherapy
Interview date :11.07.2015
Duration : 15 mins
Panel : 2 females one male

M1 : So u have played so many sports and done trekking too . U must have visited shimla?
Me: Yes sir once.

M1 : Can u tell me the point in shimla where u can meet all of your frienda if u are lost?
Me: Sorry sir, I dont know.

M1 : Any other place u visited?
Me. Chandigarh sir.

M1 : Tell me about chd.
Me : Told about chd.

M1 : He asked about who created rock garden ?
Me : I told the ans- nek chand g and he recently passed away.

Now Female 1 started asking questions.

F1 : U r a physiotherapist tell me about pectoralis muscle aand pelvic girdle.
Me : I answered the question well and she was satisfied.

F1 : U r an auditor so tell me d diff bw social audit and monetary audit?
Me : Answered it in detail but was unable to give an example of social audit.

F1 : Asked about skeleton and its functions .Also no. of bones in human body.
Me : I answered all her questions.

F2 : She said if u r a P.T. You must have studied statistics in physio or school.
What is mean median mode?
Me : I said i don’t remember.

F2 : What is the mean of ur marks ?
Me : I told her the answer .She said u r right be confident beta u r doing great .

F2 : then she asked about variance.
Me : I told I don’t know.

F2 : Gave me a numerical to find 5th root.
Me : I did it but was not confident.

F2 : Asked if u don’t know, you can tell me. There is no need to panic.
Me : I returned her copy.

F2 : Then she said it is absolutely correct. Don’t be nervous beta u have done everything right.

Now M1 again asked questions

M1 : Difference between yoga and physiotherapy ?
Me : I answered correctly.

M1 : About father of yoga ?
Me : I answered correctly.

M1 : Name of southern states?
Me : I told him.

M1 : Languages of these states.
Me : I told
kerala – malyalam
Tamilnadu – tamil
Karnatka – kannad
Andhra pradesh – telegu
Orissa – oriya

M1 : Orissa is not a southern state nevertheless is there any other southern state?
Me : After thinking yes sir telangana.

M1 : Language of telangana ?
Me : I said sir i am not sure.

He said its ok no problem u can go now.
I thanked them and left.

They were pretty impressed by my bio data as i have played a lot of sports at regional level office level and won awards.

So my advice to all is if you have Certificates in Extracurricular Activities , show them without any failure.

All the best!!

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