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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience – 10th July, SR, Chennai

Achalla Raviteja

My interview experience guys

My interview experience
Date- 10 July 2015
SSC SR, Board-II
Members- 1 Chairperson with 2 Males and 1 Female (Maths Technical)
Time-12 minutes
Background: B.Tech in Information Technology
Me- May I come in sir? And wished all of them Good morning
Chairperson told me to sit and I thanked him.
# Chairman started:

Ch: How do you say some place is developed?
Me: Education, gender equality and many other things matters sir.
Ch: You are already working as auditor. Why do you want to change your job to Income Tax or something
Me: Answered
Ch to L1 you go ahead
L1: Calculus? What are the types of calculus?
Me: I am not sure mam but I think they are integration and differentiation
L1: Right. Define them

Me: Answered
L1: Ok. Can you give one example each in real life application
Me: Answered
L1 to M1 you can go ahead
M1: What is development?
Me: Sir in s/w context or in general?
M1: In general
Me: Answered
M1: What is a mixed economy?
Me: Answered
M1: What are capitalist and socialist economy?
Me: Answered
M1 looked at M2 to take it over
M2: You said you went for Run for Unity. Explain about that
Me: On death anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel we participated in a run
M2: What is that Run for Unity
Me: Modi stated that to collect iron for Patel’s statue
M2: So is it related to Unity of Nation
Me: Yes sir
M2: So you will Run for Unity. Yet you want separate Telangana and Andhra
Me: Answered
M2: Ok ok. What is insurgency?
Me: Answered
Ch: You can leave now. All the best!
I thanked and left.

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